2019 ATA Show – Lone Wolf Custom Gear – D’Acquisto Series Hang-on and Climbing Sticks

All new for 2019, Lone Wolf Custom Gear introduces the D’Acquisto Series 1.0 Hang-on Treestand and Climbing Sticks. The D’Acquisto series is, as Cody D’Acquisto puts it, “the ultimate mobile hunting setup.” Upon first impressions, I can certainly see why he would think so.

The D’Acquisto Hang-on weighs a mere 7.5 lbs., making it one of the lightest, if not the lightest hang-on treestand on the market. When you pick up the stand, you can instantly tell that it would be easy to carry and handle while hanging. In addition to being ultra lightweight, Lone Wolf Custom Gear has cleverly engineered the stand to include built-in grips on both the center support post as well as the inner edge of the platform. Both of which should aid in the hanging process. The D’Acquisto Series Hang-on also features a 6-point cleat at the rear of the seat that is made to allow the stand to be hung on both straight and crooked trees. The bottom cleat features reverse tooth technology that encourages the stand to tighten down on the tree without the need to perform a typical camming process.

The hang-on stand also includes a lot of great built-in features to help you keep your gear organized. In-seat accessory hooks provide a convenient location to hang grunt tubes and range finders. The D’Acquisto Hang-on also features accessory hooks on the back of the center support post which will accommodate up to 25 feet of paracord which can be used as a bow tow rope. Last but not least, the stand has a frame-lock feature that allows you to lock the seat in a perpendicular position to the platform. This essentially turns your treestand into a frame pack. You can carry your backpack on the seat, and utilize the additional accessory hook that will fit most backpack hanging straps to help keep your pack secure to the stand.

Without a doubt, the best feature of the D’Acquisto Series Hang-on is how the climbing sticks attach. Each stand contains four climbing stick ports which accept buttons found on the back side of each stick. The D’Acquisto series climbing sticks come in two different sizes, the full stick and the mini stick (both fit the D’Acquisto Series Hang-on). The full stick measures 32 inches in length, weighs 2 pounds, and has 3 steps. The mini stick measures 17 inches, weighs 1.5 pounds, and has 2 steps. Both fold down to a mere 3/4″ in profile.  Regardless of which stick size you use, the D’Acquisto Hang-on will accommodate 3 sticks on each side, for a total of 6 sticks on the stand. You can mix and match sticks to carry whatever you need to suit your setup/style. This system is by far the most compact hang-on setup you will find.

The D’Acquisto Hang-on is definitely a quality stand. For anyone in the market for a good mobile setup, this stand is going to be a top consideration. For more information, be sure to visit their website at https://www.lonewolfcustomgear.com.

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2019 ATA Show – Firenock

In typical fashion, Dorge had several new patents and new products for 2019.  Despite my engineering degree, a lot of the science around Dorge’s products goes way over my head – at least during his first explanation or two.  One system of his that caught my attention was his AeroConcept System (ACS) which he has continually refined over the years.

At first glance, I thought someone had been playing with a piece of micro-diameter shaft and stuck it in the end of a larger, “traditional” shaft.  Dorge was quick to point out that this is an integral part of the system. Pull up some videos of slow-motion arrow flight and you’ll see a “wiggle” that all arrows have as they leave the bow and early in the flight.  This is a wasted motion that steals a portion of your arrow’s energy throughout flight.

Firenock’s elegant approach to this issue was to add a small Carbon Inner Tube directly behind the insert effectively creating one large insert.  This reinforces the front of the arrow, which increases the spine in that particular section and harmonically dampens the oscillation so less energy is wasted.  The 2.0 version of this system takes this a step further by adding a similar Carbon Inner Tube inside the back of the arrow, which increases the effect of the ACS by another 30-40%.  Since you are losing less energy to the oscillations in flight you can expect a higher point-of-impact downrange as well as more energy delivered at the target.

The other thing that immediately stood out to me were the arrow shafts themselves.  They had the typical weaved carbon fiber look that you usually associate with carbon fiber (unlike most of the carbon arrows currently on the market).  Most of the first carbon arrows had carbon fibers that were linearly aligned then rolled into a tube.  These arrows were very strong and light, but weren’t robust enough for hunting situations.  Most arrow manufacturers now utilize a variety of cross-directional or helical wraps to help the shaft survive impacts from a few other angles.   In typical Dorge fashion, this design needed to be improved; and improved it was.

Enter Firenock’s AeroWeave featuring three tightly woven carbon weave layers, one of these being a diamond weave, along with the linearly aligned carbon.  Instead of 2K or 2.5K carbon fibers, Dorge uses 3.5K carbon (i.e. fibers in the AeroWeave are 1/5th the thickness of the fibers found in your typical arrows) in order to have many more, thinner layers.  This gives a stronger arrow than traditional manufacturing methods, while keeping the shaft wall half as thick.  The AeroWeave shafts run $159.95 per dozen.

For those of you that are looking for a more affordable solution, Firenock also offers their price-friendly SportWeave.  This wraps a cross-directional pattern with a woven carbon outer shell to give many of the same properties as the AeroWeave, but at a lower price point of $89.95 per dozen.  Both the AeroWeave and SportWeave feature pro-quality tolerances for straightness and weight at <0.0015″ and +/- 1 grain per dozen.

For more info on this and other Firenock products check out their website at www.firenock.com.

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2019 ATA Show – TightSpot Quivers

New for 2019, TightSpot Quivers introduces the TightSpot Rise. The Rise is the latest offering in an already versatile lineup of quivers with a specific goal to meet the needs of the treestand hunter. The Rise is built with the same narrow design that makes all TightSpot quivers perfect for the hunter looking for a compact, tight-fitting quiver. However, there are a few changes from the standard 7, 5, and 3 arrow quivers.

The first and most obvious difference is the addition of a loop placed on the hood of the quiver which enables the Rise to be easily hung from a bow hook or branch. The Rise is also four inches shorter than the original TightSpot quiver, making it more compact than before.

Like all TightSpot Quivers, the Rise features the patented 3-way adjustment system allowing the Rise to be positioned in the optimal position for your setup. Best of all, the 2019 Rise and the remaining TightSpot Quiver lineup will be offered in more colors and camo patterns than ever before.

TightSpot Rise Specs
Capacity: 5 Arrows
Weight: 11.1 oz.
Length: 15 3/4″
Hoot to Gripper: 14″
Price: $154.95

For more information on the all new Rise from TightSpot and the rest of their quiver lineup, visit their website at http://tightspotquiver.com.

Also, be sure to check back to our blog at http://selfilmed.com/blog for more 2019 ATA Show coverage.

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2019 ATA Show – Sitka Gear

Despite the huge popularity of their whitetail line’s Fanatic series, Sitka stuck true to their mission of constantly refining & improving their gear by releasing an all new Fanatic line.  With this latest release they introduced two new Fanatic Jackets, a Fanatic Vest, Fanatic Bibs, and an all new Fanatic Backpack.

As the Fanatic series is designed around keeping you warm during extreme cold hunts, Sitka tackled the problems that typically plagues our gear when it gets cold:  Sound.  With the help of an acoustical engineer – and a sound-chamber at -20 degrees C (-4 F) – they were able to reduce the audible engagement distance of a whitetail by half.  The amount of science that went into this was breathtaking, but tune in to our video coverage for more detail on this.

The most noticeable difference with the jacket from the previous version was the fleece mapping, and the fact that there were two versions of them.  They have strategically mapped the new berber material on the arms to keep your bow-arm free of the string, as well as improve mobility around the elbow on your draw arm.  The new jacket is provided in both a left and a right-hand version which are mirror-images of each other.  Similar to the sleeves they also mapped the bottom hem around the jacket to reduce bulk and reduce burr pickup.  To improve mobility, they relocated the rangefinder holder and grunt tube pocket closer to your off-hand.   

Topping this all off they have created a patent-pending Constant-Connect Safety Harness Port that allows you to stay connected to the tree when donning or doffing your jacket.  Both left and right-handed versions of the jacket retail for $449.  They also have created a vest that integrates all of these features, minus the sleeves obviously.  The vest retails for $279.

The Fanatic Bib took a similar approach, with repositioned pockets and the new, mapped berber on the side pockets and lower half of the legs.  This reduces burr pick up without increasing noise.   This also should help the pant leg cuff fit with thicker pac boots, which was sometimes an issue with the earlier fanatic bibs. You can pick these up in-store for $439.

The new piece that caught my attention was the new Fanatic Pack.  When looking at the pack I couldn’t help but wonder, “why berber on a pack?”  However, when you recognize everything in this fanatic redesign was centered around reducing noise, the lack of exposed plastic buckles, berber-lined exterior, and the molle-style closures make perfect sense.  As one of the Sitka athletes said “it’s hard to make noise with a cotton ball.”  MSRP is $199.

One thing I noticed with all pieces was the pattern looked better-defined than with the original berber.  Unlike the original berber which was wet-printed, this new berber is actually individual colored yarns which help increase color definition.

For more information on their 2019 new product releases, as well as all their other high-quality hunting gear please check out www.sitkagear.com.

Also, be sure to check back to our blog at http://selfilmed.com/blog for more 2019 ATA Show coverage.

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