Dave Smith Decoys: Jake


As winter fades and temperature begin to climb, cabin fever hits an all time high waiting for that first morning back in the woods chasing long beards. And my number one key to success for the past few years has come from my DSD Jake.2014.04.08DSDJake1

If you are looking for that one special item to give you an edge up on a ol’tom this spring, I would recommend looking into the DSD Jake decoy.

DSD’s attention to detail is what sets this decoy apart from anything else on the market. 2014.0408DSDVertJakeThe paint scheme from the head to the body and realistic feather sculpting brings this decoy to life.

This decoy alone has increased my chances twenty fold with bringing those wise toms into bow range. DSD Jake is portrayed to resemble an adolescent jake postured for breeding, which in turns sparks jealously and territorial toms to rush in and show their dominance.

Once I became an avid bowhunter and set out to take make my first bow bird, I knew that my decoy setup was needing to change to help get the birds in closer.  So after a little research on the web looking for the best success stories for taking birds with a bow, DSD Decoys were the recurring key to success. So, I turned to DSD and asked for their assistance in helping achieve my goals of taking my first bow bird.  524325_339928179462855_1454684601_nThey instantly suggested that if I was just going to get one decoy…make it the JAKE! So, that is exactly what I did. Well…not exactly I went ahead and bought the breeding pair (Jake & Submissive Hen).

My normal setup for the majority of spring turkey season, is to place the Posturing Jake directly to the side of a submissive hen and out in an open ag field so it can be seen from many directions and from a distance. 2014.04.08DSDpairIn the past I had used other decoys from lone feeding hens, up right hens and strutting toms with many of the same results, having to shot toms at longer ranges with my shotgun. Not to say these other decoys did not work, but at times a lot of the birds were spooked or uneasy about closing the distance to extremely close range.

If you have never seen the DSD Jake in person, find out where your closest retailer is and go check this bad boy out…or just go ahead and order yours today www.davesmithdecoys.com , because you will not regret it.




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2014 DSD Decoy Giveaway!

Stop by our Facebook page and check out the latest promotion.  We are giving away a new DSD Strutter decoy and a DSD Leading Hen decoy to 1 lucky winner on Facebook!

Click the image below for more details!


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2014 NWTF Convention Highlights

The National Wild Turkey Federation, commonly referred to as the NWTF, is an organization that needs no introduction.   Founded in 1973, they have been one of the single greatest factors in the constant battle to preserve our nation’s hunting rights, NWTF_Hazel_Creekwildlife, and the natural habitat required for our wildlife to thrive.  It is through the help of the many sponsors and members of the NWTF that the organization’s dreams are able to become reality.  And each year, the NWTF hosts it’s annual Convention and Sports show where the tens of thousands of like-minded outdoorsman and women can come together for a weekend of fun and education, all the while helping to support on of the greatest conservation groups this country has ever seen.

So for those of you who already know about the annual NWTF Convention, it is certain that this article will have you wishing for hunting seasons to come and go so we can all get back to Nashville in February, but for those of you who don’t, let me tell you what the NWTF_AtriumNWTF is all about.  To sum up the convention in one word, FUN!  There really is no better way to put it.  In recent years, the NWTF has held it’s convention at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.  The Gaylord itself is an experience on person should miss out on.  However, when you add the fun of the NWTF into the mix, the few short days in February every year that bring us all together simply don’t seem to be enough.

This years 38th annual NWTF Convention was one of the most successful yet.  The convention boasted attendance at a staggering number of 48,530.  Also drawing a record NWTF_Huntmorenumber of exhibitors at 420, it is easy to see that this annual convention is no small deal.  Featuring a massive exhibition hall that showcases many of the newest products available to turkey hunters, celebrity autograph meet and greets, national turkey calling competitions, it is hard to pick a favorite activity when enjoying the show.

The exhibition hall itself is the top draw for visitors.  Inside, a person can get lost in the constant sounds of game calls, especially the thunderous gobbles let loose by the many makers of modern gobble calls.  The sounds leave many hunters longing for the time NWTF_Huntbetween hunting seasons to pass quickly.  Perhaps that is by design, it certainly makes it hard to pass by your favorite decoy manufacturer or call maker without pulling out the pocket-book and spending a few dollars.  I myself am usually guilty of lingering around the Dave Smith Decoys booth, always caving to the self-induced peer pressure of buying the newest decoys available.  But calls and decoys aren’t the only goods to be purchased at the NWTF Convention.  NWTF_DSD_BuckChances are, if there is a new product you’ve been dying to put your hands on, it can be found while walking the many aisles at the show.

For those of us who also seek to take home a little knowledge to help improve our hunting capabilities, there are many great seminars hosted by the country’s top turkey experts.  Everything from calling techniques to decoy placement recommendations, there is usually something to fit the needs of the most advanced to amateur hunters.  NWTF_Tom_TeasersThere are always a lot of good stories and hard lessons to be shared.  Also, Q&A sessions allow you to get answers to questions that may have gone unanswered to you for years.  Granted, sometimes there is perfect answer to a certain situation, but the advice from someone such as Preston Pittman or Will Primos is hard to ignore.

NWTF_LionOne of the other activities I’ve greatly enjoyed at the convention is the national turkey calling competitions.  It is something else to hear what can be done with a turkey call when the proper time is put in to practice.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who walks out feeling a little down about my calling, but to be fair, many of the competitors could teach a real hen a thing or two about calling.  Regardless, the calling competitions always give me the kick in the butt I need to break out my calls and start practicing for the upcoming season.

NWTF_USAAll in all, the NWTF Convention is a great source of fun.  Not once have I departed from Nashville regretting my decision to attend.  Every year, I find myself going home with more of an appreciation to the many great things the NWTF provides to it’s members, not to mention the wildlife it serves.  Each trip has provided me the chance to meet new people and form new relationships.  If you have not yet had the privilege of enjoying the NWTF Convention, I strongly suggest you look into attending in 2015.  It is great experience, and a great opportunity to give back to a group that has given so much to the country and it’s wildlife.



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DSD (Dave Smith Decoys) Leading Hen – New for 2014!


 New from Dave Smith Decoys (DSD) for 2014 is the Leading Hen decoy.  The Leading Hen adds to the already successful lineup of ultra-realistic turkey decoys offered by DSD.

DSD-Leading-HenThe Leading Hen is in an upright, walking posture and is meant to fool the gobbler into thinking she is walking in the direction you have her facing.  Wary gobblers will instinctively rush in to try to cut her off as it invokes a sense of urgency unlike stationary or relaxed poses.  When used in conjunction with the DSD Jake or DSD Strutter, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more deadly combination.

DSD-Leading-Hen-2Like all decoys offered by DSD, the Leading Hen is 100% made in the USA out of their exclusive self-healing A.C.E. (Advanced Crosslink Elastomer) material.  A.C.E. material is flexible, has great memory allowing a crushed decoy to pop right back into shape, and allows for superior paint adhesion.  Unlike inflatable decoys, there is no need to worry about a stray shot.   A.C.E. technology will guarantee your decoy will last, and will look like new year after year.

DSDLeadingHen2In addition to the Leading Hen, DSD offers 5 other turkey decoys including the original Upright Hen, a Feeding Hen, a Submissive Hen, a Jake, and a Strutter.  All DSD turkey decoys come with a self-storing motion stake (Submissive Hen does not include a stake) and digital camo carry bag.

The new DSD Leading Hen is a Cabela’s Exclusive and can only be purchased online at Cabelas.com or at your local Cabela’s retail store.  Retail price is $129.99.  Make sure you get yours today!


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Benchmade introduces new HUNT lineup of knives


Anyone familiar with knives knows that the Benchmade brand is synonymous with a strong, sharp, dependable knife made of premium blade steel.  The newly released HUNT line of knives by Benchmade is no exception.  The Benchmade HUNT line was designed specifically for the hunter requiring the most out of their blades.

HUNT4A good hunting knife will have the three following qualities: Durability, corrosion resistance, and edge retention.  All three qualities play an important role in your hunting knife being able to perform the tasks you use it for.  With those qualities in mind, Benchmade set out to find the perfect blade steel with the hunter in mind, and chose CPM-S30V for the entire Benchmade HUNT line.

HUNT7CPM-S30V is a high carbon, high vanadium stainless steel alloy with a hardness of 58-60 HRC.  The uniform grain structure of CPM-S30V steel creates a stronger blade, thereby making it a more durable knife.  While the longitudinal toughness of CPM-S30V is equivalent to 440C and 154CM, the traverse toughness has been shown to be almost four (4) times higher than both 440C and 154CM steels.  Traverse toughness is a measurement of the resistance the blade has to breaking and/or chipping due to side loading the blade.

Corrosion resistance of the blade is also a very important factor to consider when looking for your next hunting knife.  The outdoors can be very unforgiving to steels and other knife materials.  The last thing you want to see when pulling your skinning/gutting knife out of its sheath is a rusted or pitted blade.  The CPM-S30V steel used in the HUNT line of knives has been tested to be equal to or better than 440C steel in most corrosive environments and has been shown to exceed the corrosion resistance of D2 steel by over 600% in lab tests.

HUNT3Edge retention.  While it may be the last quality we look at in this article, it certainly is not the least important to us as a hunter.  We rely on a sharp knife to quickly and efficiently field dress, skin, quarter and cape out our game.  A dull knife not only slows down this process, but also requires you to stop and resharpen countless times to finish up the job.  Along with the blade steel, the blade edge angle also plays a part in how well the blade retains its sharp edge.  All HUNT knives are sharpened to a desirable 30-35° angle.  CPM-S30V has been shown to outperform both 440C and 154CM in industry tests for edge retention.

HUNT5While the CPM-S30V blade steel has shown great marks for edge retention, at some point it will need to be resharpened.  If for some reason you are unable to properly resharpen your blade, or you have just simply neglected it, Benchmade offers a LifeSharp service.  Benchmade will resharpen your knife, inspect it for any warrantied repairs, and tune it for only a minimal fee to cover return shipping and handling.

HUNT1Benchmade HUNT offers several configurations of knives to suit the needs of all outdoorsman and hunters, and all are 100% made in the USA. First up are the fixed blade configurations.  All fixed blades offer a modified clip-point blade and your choice of either a G10 or Dymondwood handle.

Saddle Mountain Skinner (15001-1/15001-2):
blade length - 4.17″
blade thickness - 0.140″
overall length - 8.73″
handle thickness – 0.58″
weight – 5.13 oz. (15001-1) – 4.64 oz. (15001-2)



Saddle Mountain Hunter  (15007-1/15007-2)
blade length - 4.05″
blade thickness - 0.120″
overall length - 8.59″
handle thickness – 0.56″
weight – 4.09 oz. (15016-1) – 3.59 oz. (15016-2)


15016-2Hidden Canyon Hunter (15016-1/15016-2)
blade length - 2.67″
blade thickness - 0.140″
overall length - 6.32″
handle thickness – 0.58″
weight – 3.52 oz. (15016-1) – 3.41 oz. (15016-2)


Next up are the lock-back style knives.  The lock-back knives offer a drop-point blade with nail nick, stainless steel liners, Dymondwood handle, and the classic lock-back folding mechanism.

Big Summit Lake (15051-2)
blade length - 3.77″
blade thickness - 0.124″
overall length - 8.34″
folded length – 4.57″
handle thickness – 0.57″
weight – 4.59 oz.


15056-2Small Summit Lake (15056-2)
blade length - 2.89″
blade thickness - 0.114″
overall length - 6.89″
folded length – 3.65″
handle thickness – 0.45″
weight – 3.04 oz.



Finally, we come to the AXIS® folders.  The AXIS® folders offer a modified drop-point blade with dual thumb-stud, stainless steel liners, your choice of either G10 or Dymondwood handle, and Benchmade’s patented AXIS® locking mechanism.  The Grizzly Creek also features a folding gut hook that deploys from the rear spine.

North Fork (15031-1/15031-2)
blade length - 2.97″
blade thickness - 0.114″
overall length - 6.87″
folded length – 3.90″
handle thickness – 0.53″
weight – 3.41 oz. (15031-1) – 3.16 oz. (15031-2)


15060-2Grizzly Creek (15060-2)
blade length - 3.50″
blade thickness - 0.124″
overall length - 7.84″
folded length – 4.34″
handle thickness – 0.56″
weight – 4.76 oz.


For more information on the all new, 100% made in the USA lineup of Benchmade HUNT knives, and to get more information on Benchmade’s LifeSharp service, stop by their website at hunt.benchmade.com/.


Crucible Industries, “Crucible CPM S30V,” dsS30Vv1 data sheet, Feb. 2010.
Benchmade Knife Company. 2014 Commercial Professional Catalog. 2014. Print.


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Carbon Synergy


When it comes to hunting and harvesting mature whitetails with a bow and arrow at close yardages, a hunter must be aware of a whitetails number one key to survival, their incredible sense of smell. With this sensory alone, whitetails are able to identify and pinpoint imminent danger. 2014CSTcamCSbottleSo we as hunters must find ways to become as odor free as possible while having any interactions in the whitetail world.

No matter if we are early season scouting, hanging stand sets,  checking trail cameras, but especially while hunting. This is exactly what can be done with the help of Carbon 2014CStcam2Synergy product line up of Laundry Detergent, Body Wash and Powder that is second to no one.

Let’s take a quick look into Carbon Synergy Product lineup with a few quick facts about each one, then how I have incorporated each one into my goal of maximum scent control possible while in the woods.


Carbon Synergy (CS) Products:2014CSpile

CS Laundry Detergent: is a enzymatic granular laundry soap that not only cleans soiled clothes, but is extremely effective in removing odors and washes out scent free.

CS Body Wash: is a full body wash that cleans and leaves you odor free to begin your preparation for that next hunt.

CS Powder: combines Activate Carbon and Pure Silver, to form and new and innovative 2014CSHandsprinklescent controlling powder that fights odor causing bacteria. By combing these two elements in a small bottled powder form, there are endless possibilities of how it can be utilized at home or in the field. The powder can be mixed with water to develop a dip solution for all hunting clothes and packs or mixed into a small gallon garden sprayer to be used as an easy field spray. Dry powder can be used to dust cameras, stands, boots or even face black. Be creative!!


For years I have been a die hard, close encounter, in your lap type of Bow Hunter.  And over those years I have seen a lot of mature whitetails, but nothing has compared to the shift of having those encounters from  30-40yrds in the past to the 5-15yrds these days. These encounters have been achieved with a strict CS Regiment that I have implemented into my pursuit of maximum scent control.

As summer begins to fade into fall each year I start my preparation for the season.2014CSlaundwide Just a few weeks before opening day, I pull out all my early season Sitka Gear and HECS suits  along with socks, gloves and boxers and get them into the wash with CS Laundry Detergent (Laundered every two weeks throughout season).

Once out of the laundry they are hung up to air dry, then once dry they are dipped into a 5 gallon bucket that has my CS Powder/H2O mixture, rung out and hung out to air dry once more. After completely dry they are placed into my GamePlan Gear BaseCamp for storage.


Then the night before opening day all pre washed/dipped clothes are removed from the tote 2014CStbagand placed into a drum liner trash bag and sprinkled with CS Powder and shook up and placed back into tote (Trash Bag/Powder Step will be repeated once every week during season or even in the field).

Final step in my scent control regiment is to shower before every hunt with CS Body wash.  I can seriously say that with this CS regiment, my number of close encounters have been off the charts and my numbers of being detected by smell (Blown At) have decreased to less than a handful over the past two years.

2014CSDetergGo out and try some for yourself and you will not be disappointed. Because Carbon Synergy success comes from their commitment to great customer service and making a great MADE IN THE USA  product that is inexpensive and allows you to be creative in scent control.

Check out more product reviews and hunting blogs at www.selfilmed.com and Like us on Facebook at : SELFILMED . “All we do is SELFILMED.”





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HECS new products at the 2014 ATA show

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.27.33 AMHECS 2014 ATA Show Nashville TN

IMG_0740This year, HECS has added to their STEALTHSCREEN suit with a few new products. Capitalizing on the success of the suit, they have added a hat, gloves, and durable 6 pocket pants to their 2014 line up.

IMG_0729First up are the new HECS gloves.  This is a lightweight, tight fitting glove made from HECS material and can be used by itself or as a a liner when it’s colder. This black glove will work great in the turkey blind this spring to help conceal any movement, and the non-stick palm will help eliminate hand torque on your bow handle.  TScreen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.26.27 AMhis glove is a necessity when hunting any big game.  HECS Owner, Mike Slinkard, explained to us that turkeys can actually see the electromagnetic fields that radiate from your body.  With these new gloves it will block that field, leaving you completely concealed from a big strutter coming your way. These will be a great addition to the HECS system.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.00.56 AMHECS then added a hat to complete their STEALTHSCREEN technology suit. The hat is made from the same cool lightweight material used in the original HECS suit and is also very comfortable.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 9.52.37 AMThe third new addition HECS has made in 2014 is a lightweight 6 pocket pant. These pants are made from a cotton based material but also incorporate the original HECS material. This 6 pocket pant has two front hand pockets, two rear pockets, and two cargo IMG_0746style pockets to hold your gear for quick and easy access. These pants will be officially released and available for purchase July 1 of this year.

For more information on the HECS STEALTHSCREEN system visit www.hecsllc.com to purchase your set today.


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Carter releases 3 new products

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.48.59 AMCarter 2014 ATA Show Nashville TN

IMG_0778Carter has yet again rocked the archery industry with their brand new releases showcased at the 2014 ATA show. This years line-up features an upgraded model of the Honey, a brand new hinged back tension release, and a simple back tension spike style release designed just for kids.

IMG_0782Based off of last year’s “Honey” release, Carter took their ever popular back tension release and added a couple new cool features to make the new “Honey 2″. From looking at the release the first thing you can see is the finger grooves have been removed to make this release universal to almost any hand for a comfortable fit. The Honey 2 also has the ability to make the safety let off automatically or manually. On automatic the safety is taken off when you release tension from your thumb after coming to full draw.Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.33.11 AM The automatic feature can be deactivated by backing out a screw on the safety mechanism which requires you to “click” the safety off with your thumb after anchoring your shot before being able to release by backtension.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.48.15 AMAnother back tension release called the “Total Control” is also new this year. This back tension release is a hinge release, but without a safety. The moon system has been reconfigured to allow the user to infinitely adjust both the clicker and speed separately giving you total control of how the release will feel on the shot. There are positioning references cut into the hinge to allow you to see exactly how the release is set and allows for more precise setup. The Total Control has a sleek design and fits comfortably in the hand.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.43.14 AMCarter also showcased their new line of back tension releases specifically tailored for the younger archer, known as the “Fair Chase”. IMG_0774These releases come in two sizes with the small being for kids around 7 years old, and the large being for kids around 10 years old. This release features a non-mechanical spike head that will teach your kids proper back tension execution from an early age.

The new “Honey 2″ and “Total Control” will retail for $148 and will give you the latest and greatest release guaranteed to be reliable and dependable for many seasons to come. To get more information on these releases you can visit http://www.carterenterprises.com/.


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Firenock’s new releases for 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.00.13 PMFirenock 2014 ATA Show Nashville TN

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.00.46 PMFirenock’s new releases for 2014, like all previous products, are nothing short of incredible and an absolute game changer for the archery industry. This year Firenock has come out with multiple upgrades and new products like the featured Professional Arrow Preparation System, improved field points, and a new Aerorest design. All are engineered specifically to be light yet remain extremely tough and durable.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.02.30 PMThe first featured brand new product to start off the Firenock 2014 line up is the Professional Arrow Preparation System also known as PAPS. The PAPS is unlike any other spine finding system on the market today and incorporates a vibration power system to help quickly and unmistakeably find the spine of your arrow. This system moves the weight from hanging underneath of the arrow to being pushed down on top of the arrow. One of the key features on this system is the custom built ball bearings for support that make for rotating and locating the arrows spine in seconds. Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.01.48 PMAn additional accessory to add on this system is the Vibration Modular System which eliminates the subjective feeling to locate the highest and lowest spine on the shaft. This Vibration Generator significantly improves the ability to precisely locate the spine of your arrow.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.03.38 PMThe second product on the lineup is an improved version of Firenock’s AeroPoint field tips. These 2014 models of AeroPoint’s now incorporate 45 HRC heat treated stainless steel instead of the previous standard 303 stainless, which makes these field points virtually indestructible. Later this year Firenock will also be releasing a titanium field point to the consumer, improving the AeroPoint’s even more.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.05.08 PMThe last featured 2014 product is the redesigned micro adjustable AeroRest that has been engineered to be bullet proof and extremely user friendly with a set up time of only 5 to 10 shots. The unique C frame design utilizes 2 and 3 finger configurations incorporating 2 ball bearings inside to enable the arrow to have the minimum amount of contact points on the arrow as possible. A key improvement from the previous version is the angle change from 120 degrees to now 96 degrees on the bottom 2 fingers which significantly improves ease of set up. Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.02.56 PMThe new specifications of the improved AeroRest keeps friction generation between the arrow and rest at a minimum which allows the AeroRest to soar above the competition in terms of uniqueness and overall performance.

The PAPS retails for $374.95 and can add the Vibration Modular System for a total retail price of just under $500. For more information on purchasing this system or all other products from Firenock head over to www.firenock.com or visit your nearest Firenock retailer today.



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GamePlan Gear adds The Long Haul and GRIP to the 2014 line

IMG_0760GamePlan Gear 2014 ATA Show Nashville TN

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 9.57.56 AMGamePlan Gear continued to impress the archery industry yet again at ATA this year with adding their new blind carrying pack and new bow wrist sling to the 2014 line up. Designed with key features with quick easy adjustments that benefit any style of hunting for any style of hunter.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 10.03.10 AMFirst up GamePlan has released the ultimate work horse pack for the blind hunter. The Long Haul ground blind carrier system has been designed to carry a full sized pop up blind along with all other gear needed for the ground blind hunter. There are provisions on each side of the pack to accommodate your hunting chairs or stools and the signature pack straps are utilized to lock them into place. Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 10.02.16 AMA drop pocket is designed to carry a gun or bow hands free while walking into your favorite into your hunting area. A hip belt and comfortable shoulder straps allow for large loads to be carried with ease. IMG_0811The Decoy Attic is a drawstring nylon expansion bag designed for decoys to be carried within the bag on top of the blind for easy access and transport. An additional wing on the front will hold extra clothing and gear securely. The welded-seam technology of the previous amphibian backpack is featured in this pack to ensure maximum durability.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 10.03.45 AMGamePlan then moves on to their GRIP bow wrist sling featuring one-handed adjustment for a quick comfortable fit while on the go. The molded elastomeric materialScreen Shot 2014-01-07 at 10.05.46 AM will not absorb scent and holds its shape to optimize accessibility when in a hurry. The GRIP bow wrist sling comes in black, olive, and pink color to add a sleek new look to your bow.

These new items are designed to be used for many seasons without faltering. For more information on these new products and to order yours today head over to www.gameplangear.com.

BigLogo_hmSELFILMED.com will be releasing articles and videos throughout the 2014 ATA show. You can receive notifications immediately by subscribing to our blog in the top right hand corner of this page. Also head over to our Facebook page for the latest updates, pictures, and videos live from the 2014 ATA show in Nashville, TN.

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