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DSD Preening Hen decoy

New DSD Preening Hen Decoy

With one of their coolest decoys to date, the NWTF floor was buzzing with talk of the new DSD Preening Hen decoy.  It’s almost TOO realistic looking to the point it made us do a double-take with all of the turkey mounts nearby.  As the first preening hen decoy for turkeys that we know of, it had us asking “why haven’t we thought of this before?!”

Preening Hen Purpose

Anyone who’s turkey hunted for a while has seen it.  A hen, often multiple hens, preening themselves.  However, this is only when they seem to not have a care in the world.  If they are agitated, feel skittish, or don’t feel safe they tend to not preen themselves.  That is what will make this the ultimate “safe zone” decoy when you’re hunting toms that tend to hang up.

Pairing this with other decoys, even other DSD preening hens, will show exactly how safe and relaxed those hens are.  Nothing to be afraid of here… especially when placing the preening hen near your blind.  Having this decoy nearby will help relax that tom, luring him directly into your spread. 

Other releases and how to get one

While you won’t find these on Dave Smith Decoy’s website quite yet, they should be here soon.  They expect to have them available in March, with plenty of time to get one before many turkey hunting seasons open throughout the country.  The preening hen decoy will retail for $149.95.

The final details aren’t quite finalized, but they also had sweet-looking doe decoy on display at the show.  Even as a prototype it looked eerily real.  If you’d like to hear more from DSD about their new preening hen and this newly announced doe decoy check out our latest video below.  The doe decoy should be released later this summer.

Both decoys will be available exclusively at

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