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365 Archery Target Lineup

365 Archery 3D Archery Targets

When folks enter a new industry, or even a new subsection of their industry, they usually dip their toe in by offering one or two products.  While 365 Archery isn’t new to the target game, 2024 was their first year of releasing their Kong brand of 3D archery targets – a whopping 35 new targets in both the traditional, non-traditional, and even comical style.  We can’t cover all their offerings in one post, but I’ll highlight some of my favorites.


No 3D archery range would be complete without some sort of elk-like target.  365 Archery had both a elk with their version of “medium” antlers (which most hunters would be stoked to find in the wild), as well as a red stag with a MASSIVE rack. The also have a European boar, javalina, and even a fighting black bear. 

Not to be outdone in the big game front, they also released four different types of turkey:  Both an eastern-looking and ocellated version in both standing and strutting.  They have another that looks very similar to a turkey but is actually a capercaillie (a eurasian grouse, of sorts).


These were perhaps my favorite of all their archery targets.  The baby dragon as well as brontosaurus are vibrantly colored and would be an excellent way to introduce young kids to 3D archery.  They also had a hatching dino egg, duckbill dinosaur, and a hammertail that were eye-catching.  I loved the side-eye look of the T-Rex. 

Small Game

These targets being smaller in size, and less foam, are typically the most cost-effective to add to your collection.  With everything from capybara to a traditional hare and rabbit, they had both traditional and non-traditional small-ish targets. Some of the targets that I typically don’t see elsewhere were the lynx and red panda (which I found oddly cute).


Many of these 3D targets blur the lines between traditional, non-traditional, and small game.  However, they do so beautifully and comically. My absolute favorite was the smug fox holding a rooster.  As a hobby chicken-farmer, my girls would have an absolute blast shooting at that target.   More traditionally, they also made a bobcat carrying a hare and a coyote with a rabbit.  Perhaps my second favorite would be the raccoon holding the crab – the details and the price are hard to beat. 


For their first year in the 3D archery target game, 365 Archery absolutely nailed it.  The targets were sized very well, and yet they were very competitively priced versus their competition. Their lowest-priced items were their capybara and hare at a very affordable $64.99.  As you get into their largest targets such as the red stag and fighting black bear, they are priced quite well at $1249.99 and $1259.99, respectively.  Over half of their 3D archery targets are under the $300 price point, which is absolutely amazing.  That said, for $330 you could get yourself a European boar or a triceratops baby. 

For more information, or to purchase one of their targets visit

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