2019 ATA Show – TightSpot Quivers

New for 2019, TightSpot Quivers introduces the TightSpot Rise. The Rise is the latest offering in an already versatile lineup of quivers with a specific goal to meet the needs of the treestand hunter. The Rise is built with the same narrow design that makes all TightSpot quivers perfect for the hunter looking for a compact, tight-fitting quiver. However, there are a few changes from the standard 7, 5, and 3 arrow quivers.

The first and most obvious difference is the addition of a loop placed on the hood of the quiver which enables the Rise to be easily hung from a bow hook or branch. The Rise is also four inches shorter than the original TightSpot quiver, making it more compact than before.

Like all TightSpot Quivers, the Rise features the patented 3-way adjustment system allowing the Rise to be positioned in the optimal position for your setup. Best of all, the 2019 Rise and the remaining TightSpot Quiver lineup will be offered in more colors and camo patterns than ever before.

TightSpot Rise Specs
Capacity: 5 Arrows
Weight: 11.1 oz.
Length: 15 3/4″
Hoot to Gripper: 14″
Price: $154.95

For more information on the all new Rise from TightSpot and the rest of their quiver lineup, visit their website at http://tightspotquiver.com.

Also, be sure to check back to our blog at http://selfilmed.com/blog for more 2019 ATA Show coverage.

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2019 ATA Show – Sitka Gear

Despite the huge popularity of their whitetail line’s Fanatic series, Sitka stuck true to their mission of constantly refining & improving their gear by releasing an all new Fanatic line.  With this latest release they introduced two new Fanatic Jackets, a Fanatic Vest, Fanatic Bibs, and an all new Fanatic Backpack.

As the Fanatic series is designed around keeping you warm during extreme cold hunts, Sitka tackled the problems that typically plagues our gear when it gets cold:  Sound.  With the help of an acoustical engineer – and a sound-chamber at -20 degrees C (-4 F) – they were able to reduce the audible engagement distance of a whitetail by half.  The amount of science that went into this was breathtaking, but tune in to our video coverage for more detail on this.

The most noticeable difference with the jacket from the previous version was the fleece mapping, and the fact that there were two versions of them.  They have strategically mapped the new berber material on the arms to keep your bow-arm free of the string, as well as improve mobility around the elbow on your draw arm.  The new jacket is provided in both a left and a right-hand version which are mirror-images of each other.  Similar to the sleeves they also mapped the bottom hem around the jacket to reduce bulk and reduce burr pickup.  To improve mobility, they relocated the rangefinder holder and grunt tube pocket closer to your off-hand.   

Topping this all off they have created a patent-pending Constant-Connect Safety Harness Port that allows you to stay connected to the tree when donning or doffing your jacket.  Both left and right-handed versions of the jacket retail for $449.  They also have created a vest that integrates all of these features, minus the sleeves obviously.  The vest retails for $279.

The Fanatic Bib took a similar approach, with repositioned pockets and the new, mapped berber on the side pockets and lower half of the legs.  This reduces burr pick up without increasing noise.   This also should help the pant leg cuff fit with thicker pac boots, which was sometimes an issue with the earlier fanatic bibs. You can pick these up in-store for $439.

The new piece that caught my attention was the new Fanatic Pack.  When looking at the pack I couldn’t help but wonder, “why berber on a pack?”  However, when you recognize everything in this fanatic redesign was centered around reducing noise, the lack of exposed plastic buckles, berber-lined exterior, and the molle-style closures make perfect sense.  As one of the Sitka athletes said “it’s hard to make noise with a cotton ball.”  MSRP is $199.

One thing I noticed with all pieces was the pattern looked better-defined than with the original berber.  Unlike the original berber which was wet-printed, this new berber is actually individual colored yarns which help increase color definition.

For more information on their 2019 new product releases, as well as all their other high-quality hunting gear please check out www.sitkagear.com.

Also, be sure to check back to our blog at http://selfilmed.com/blog for more 2019 ATA Show coverage.

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2019 ATA Show – Grim Reaper Broadheads

When we first walked up to the Grim Reaper booth I was taken back by the sheer number and variety of broadheads they offered.  They greatly expanded their lineup by releasing a whopping twenty-eight different variations for 2019 (including their different weight configurations).

While the vast majority of their new releases were on their Pro Series side of the line (which offers an insanely sharp Pro Tip and the are only available to purchase in professional archery shops), they did release four new crossbow-approved broadheads and a new variant of their popular fatal steel series.  Three of these new crossbow approved broadheads were a 100, 125, and 150 grain version of their first 2″ cutting diameter, two-blade broadhead approved for crossbows. The fourth was a 150 grain version of their popular 1-1/2″ three-blade head.  These heads will retail for $44.99 for a three pack.  The remaining non-Pro Series release was a new 125 grain, 1-1/4″ cut version of their fatal steel line ($49.99 for three pack).

Grim Reapers twenty different Pro Series broadheads are too numerous to cover in detail in one blog article. However, there were a few that I cannot wait to get my hands on.  The first was the all-new “Mini-Mag” which is available in both 100 & 125 grain.  This shorter, stockier four-blade with a 1-1/4″ cutting diameter looked perfect for those looking for mechanical broadhead flight profiles in a rock-solid, bone-crushing,  deep-penetrating point that will be devastating on heavier-skinned game (all while providing 2.5″ of total cut).

With spring turkey season right around the corner, the other broadhead that seemed ideal for gobblers and whitetail alike was the new four-blade mechanical Whitetail Extreme with two 2″ and two 1-1/2″ blades for an amazing 3.5″ of cutting surface.  This head is offered in both 100 and 125 grain versions.

In addition to the two-bladed, crossbow approved head previously mentioned, Grim Reaper also released four new crossbow approved Pro Series heads.  These heads are offered in a wide variety of weights.  My personal favorite was one of their micro-hybrids which features the same 2″ mechanical blades as the Whitetail Extreme, but also has two fixed 1-1/16″ blades.  These are sure to be crowd pleasers with their massive 3+ inches of cutting surface.   All three of these Pro Series heads list for $44.99 per three-pack.

Last but not least, Grim Reaper will be releasing an updated logo in 2019.  They offer a great lineup of custom apparel (which includes several different shirt and hat designs) along with their high-quality, American-made broadheads.  Check out their website for more info at www.grimreaperbroadheads.com.

Also, be sure to check back to our blog at http://selfilmed.com/blog for more 2019 ATA Show coverage.

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2019 ATA Show – Carter Enterprises

For 2019 Forrest Carter introduced a versatile, unique release aid named the “Convertible”.   While this looks similar to some of his other index finger hole releases, it has some hidden features.  For starters, it has the ability to shoot like a two or three-finger thumb activated release.

What gives this unique release its name is the ability, with some very minor adjustments, to convert this release from a thumb activated release to a third finger activated release.  Essentially giving you two releases in one.  Forrest mentioned that switching to a third finger style, or vice versa, for a short period of time may help you cure an issue with punching your trigger.

Like all Carter releases, this release felt rock-solid, had a crisp release, and felt very well made.  For more information on this and Carter Enterprises other products please visit their website at www.carterenterprises.com.

Also, be sure to check back to our blog at http://selfilmed.com/blog for more 2019 ATA Show coverage.

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