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New Fourth Arrow SaddleLite Camera Arm

While not released in 2023, one of the newest attractions at the Fourth Arrow booth was their SaddleLite camera arm.  This camera arm was able to take ultra-lightweight to a new level through some pretty-cool innovations by the Fourth Arrow design team.

Lightweight - Hence the Name

Not only is this lighter than their Baton Arm, it also has leveling adjustability in multiple directions.  Stepping on the scales at 2 lbs 6 oz, it’s over a quarter pound lighter than the Baton Arm but with the same 25 inch total reach.  As it is a three-segment arm similar to their Micro Triple, it easily fits through the bridge for any saddle hunters.  In total, you get 20 degrees of adjustability.  Like their other camera arms it is able to be adjusted without a tool.  

This lighter weight comes at a cost, unfortunately, as the rated weight for this arm is their lowest at 5 lbs.  As such it is primarily intended for those filming with cell phones or lightweight handy cams.  Saddle hunters really wanting to shed weight on their setup may gravitate towards this package as well. Considered an intermediate arm, it’s priced accordingly.  MSRP for the SaddleLite camera arm kit is $249.99.

Innovation in Design

Since my typical filming rig is decently heavy, this would not be a suitable arm for my application.  However, what got me excited about this  particular arm was the approach they used for the shoulder/arm mating.  The mechanism is sweet. Instead of the typical male post on the arm (increasing the overall form-factor) they had the post designed into the shoulder.  This keeps the arm a nice, cylindrical package which tends to pack better, while keeping the base just as packable.  Leveling is a bit more straightforward as well, as the bubble level is right on top of the post.   I was also excited to see them using an over-center buckle (OCB) to eliminate the ratchet, as well. 

At 2.3 pounds you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lighter camera arm that is as feature-packed as this one.  While this particular arm isn’t compatible with my rig, I’m eagerly waiting for them to expand some of these same innovations to their heavier-duty arms.  As they’ve done time and time again they continue to out-do themselves.  

For more information, or to purchase your own Fourth Arrow SaddleLite camera arm, please visit their website

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