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New Moultrie Ranch-Series Feeders

For 2023 Moultrie’s new Ranch-Series expanded their already massively successful line of feeders with six new configurations.  These all-metal, rock-solid feeders are meant to be durable and reliable.  Could I finally have an option for a non-hanging feeder that can withstand the random bear encounters my feeders experience in the mountains of western Virginia? 

New Ranch-Series Feeding Mechanisms

Three new feeding mechanisms were developed to suit the different ways of getting the feed to the animals. The most simple yet reliable approach was the usual gravity feed.  Pretty much any critter can get as much feed as they want, whenever they want.  No batteries or motors to maintain.  This simple approach can be useful for a set-and-forget feeder.  I’d be a little concerned with small critters getting to the feed, or potentially bears getting a little too rambunctious and tearing up the gravity feeder.  However, it’s at least metal so it should fare better than other plastic gravity feeders you may see.

As you’d expect, they offer a Ranch-Series broadcast feeder.  This seems a lot more heavy duty than their other broadcast options.  It comes with what appears to be a rubber-coated wire critter-guard.   While it’s adequate to keep squirrels and raccoons away it wouldn’t last very long versus a hungry bear.  For that reason I’d have to lean towards the next option.

Their last and most expensive option looks pretty darn bulletproof. It utilizes a stainless steel auger to direct the feed onto the ground or a nearby trough.  Not only would this keep a hungry bear at bay, but also keeps the bulk of the feed safe from any smaller critters.  Another application for this feeder would be for a hobby farmer who wants to make the daily feeding a little more automated. 

Both of these mechanized/programmable versions run on a 12volt battery (not included), unlike the traditional 6 volt ones used by all their other feeders. All three of the feeding mechanisms use the standard Moultrie 3-bolt pattern so they could be used on most of their other non Ranch-Series hoppers.  If you’d like to modify an existing feeder, you can buy the broadcast and auger feeders separately for $99.99 and $219.99 MSRP, respectively. 

New Ranch-Series Hopper Options

All three feeder mechanisms are offered with two different hopper sizes:  a 300 pound and 450 pound capacity.  Either option is SOLID powder coated metal with an internal funnel so all feed is dispensed.  The legs also have two positions.  One spreads the feet for a larger, more stable base. If you need to get the feeder close to a fence row for something like the hobby farmer example above, then the legs can be pinned to go straight down. 

Both hopper options can be bought as a kit with one of the three feeding mechanisms above.  Either one of the auger-fed kits would undoubtedly survive several seasons in Virginia’s bear-laden woods. 

How much they cost

The smallest hopper and a gravity feeder will naturally be the cheapest with a $499.99 MSRP.  A larger hopper paired with the more pricy auger feeder is going to run $699.99.  Below is a quick summary table of the MSRPs of the various configurations.  For more information or to purchase Moultrie’s Ranch-Series Feeders please check out their website at   As of this article they were out of stock but I’d expect to see them available soon.

Feeder Mechanism300 Pound Capacity450 Pound Capacity
Gravity Feeder$499.99$599.99
Broadcast Feeder$549.99$649.99
Auger Feeder$599.99$699.99

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