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Greylight’s New Twilight and Daybreak Blind

Greylight was a new name on the ATA floor for 2023 with some familiar faces.  The folks at Xenek have rebranded the company while also releasing two new blinds.  It’s pretty easy to tell that they’ve been busy since last year’s show! Join us as we explore Greylight’s new Twilight and Daybreak blind.

The Twighlight Blind

As someone who has never hunted out of a tower blind, this blind oddly got me the most excited.  You’ve probably seen those hard, roto-molded blinds outside of the local hardware stores, but like me had never considered forking over the money. This blind might make you reconsider.

At 6’x6′ and with 6’4″ walls as well as a peaked roof, this thing is quite spacious.  The roof is waterproof and the walls are water-resistant, with both being insulated.  Consider this an ice-fishing shack with solid plexiglas shooting windows.  

Speaking of windows – there are 7 in total.  The neatest feature of these was the silent, one-handed operation where they would hold exactly where you left them due to friction.  Each window has adjustable blackout panels you can use to help conceal the folks inside as needed.  If you are one of the folks who utilizes ozone for additional scent concealment, there is also an ozone exhaust port built into the blind above the door. 

With all the insulation and the features built into the windows, I’d expect this to be more quiet than – yet just as warm as – any of the numerous hard-sided blinds you may find.  Just like those hard sided blinds, many folks will want to put this blind on some sort of elevated platform.  The Twilight retails for $1,299.99 with a perimeter ground base, but it can also be purchased with a 10′ tower for $1,999.99.  Bring a friend when it’s time for setup however, as this bad boy weighs about 480 lbs including the tower.  Getting it to the location is probably the hardest part, as set up looks rather easy. 

The Daybreak Ground Blind

Greylight improved upon their Sniper and Ascent ground blinds to create the Daybreak. The main difference between Greylight’s Daybreak and Xenek’s Ascent blind lies in the front window design.  Unlike the Ascent, the front window does not go a full 180 degrees but rather from hub-to-hub to improve concealment.  

The space above each front hub (that was typically a blind spot) is now a one-way mesh similar to what is on the back side of the Ascent. While you are more concealed it should be easier in the Daybreak to peek over your shoulder and see game coming in your peripherals.  Like Xenek’s blinds, this blind comes with an accessory mounting location in the roof, but not in the inside and outside of the side hubs.

Similar to the Ascent, the Daybreak has numerous brush loops for concealing the blind.  Couple that with the striking Kryptek Obskura Skyfall pattern and this blind should blend right in with the surroundings.  As you’d expect, this blind comes with the typical backpack as well as a lifetime warranty on hub and rod assemblies.  This blind is sure to be a hit for many all-day sits for years to come. MSRP is $449.99. 

How to get one

As with Xenek, we will continue to be a dealer for Greylight’s blinds.  They have been a staple of our hunting arsenal for the past several years and continue to innovate.  Keep an eye out on our store and we’ll have them available for purchase as soon as inventory is available. 

Update (2/1/2023): All Greylight Blinds are available for Preorder now on our SELFILMED Store!

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2 Responses

  1. Can you leave out side ? I was told you sell a cover but I forgot to ask, once the tower and blind are up in the field, how do you put it on and take off? Thanks

    1. Hi Ken, yes you can leave it out side. They do have a cover you can put over the entire blind during the off season. You take the roof fabric off the blind in order to install the cover.

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