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Fast Eddie PM (Picatinny Mount) – New Spot Hogg Sight

Spot Hogg’s biggest release for the 2023 ATA show was their picatinny mount (pic-mount) version of their extremely popular Fast Eddie sight, the Fast Eddie PM.  While we’ve covered the Fast Eddie XL previously, this version is their first picatinny-mount sight that is compatible with the newer bows from Hoyt and PSE with a vertical picatinny rail.  

Technically you could use the traditional Fast Eddie on pretty much any bow.  However, there are some unique benefits to the Fast Eddie PM should your bow support this type of mount. 

Specifications and Benefits

Since they were able to eliminate the need for a mounting block the sight would technically be lighter. In this case they opted to lengthen the sight slightly (7.5 inches versus 6.625 inches) which helps improve accuracy.   All told the new sight is 0.4oz-0.7oz heavier which we doubt you’ll notice as it’s in-line with the riser.  

By removing the heavy side block and directly mounting the sight in line with the riser you’re eliminating much of the side-torque caused by the sight. In addition, this would reduce the need for any additional side stabilizers, reducing the overall weight of your setup. 

Prices range from $329.99-$444.99 MSRP depending on your pin configuration.  The base only will run $244.99.  It’s roughly the same price as the Fast Eddie XL. 

Other News

Also new for 2023 was a new Ultraview QD adapter for anyone who has an older Spot Hogg sight with a rod-style scope.  Note, this shouldn’t be needed if you have the single or double-pin sights with the scope rod.  MSRP is $14.99 for this upgrade. 

For more information on Spot Hogg’s offerings, or to purchase any of their gear, check out their website at

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