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Greylight Nomad Trailer

Greylight’s Daybreak Blind and Nomad Trailer

With the release of three major additions to their lineup – the Daybreak blind, Transformer Tower, and Nomad Trailer –  the folks at Greylight have obviously been innovating since the curtain closed at last-years ATA show.  What excited me the most was their addition of a hard-sided blind to their line-up to pair with their top-notch window design. However, the Nomad trailer takes an already stellar blind and makes it extremely versatile.

Daybreak Hard-Sided Blind

First impression for me was similar to the Twilight Hybrid blind:  Holy windows!  For the Daybreak, every wall that doesn’t have a door in it, as well as all four corners have a massive plexiglass window.  The three horizontal windows are 12″ tall by 30″ wide, whereas the four corner windows are 30″ tall by 10″ wide (perfect for bowhunting). All feature their silent, one-hand adjustable friction hinges which hold the window wherever you stop. An attached knob makes opening the windows easier with gloved hands.  When closed, the windows and silent, lockable door are all weather sealed to keep the elements out and the scent in.

Waterproof & rustproof, all four walls and the roof of the Daybreak are insulated aluminum panels. The floor itself is more substantial than many homes.  It has a fully carpeted interior over a plywood base, a thick rubber foam pad underneath, and lastly an expanded metal mesh for rigidity. Aside from the durability, those features make this blind ideal for extreme temperatures. It’s roomy enough for multiple hunters with a 6′ by 6′ footprint.  Even taller hunters can comfortably stand with its 6’6″ height.  Compared to many of the other insulated, hard-sided blinds, the Daybreak is reasonably priced at $3750.  Especially when you factor in the durability and features. 

Transformer Tower

Released alongside the Daybreak blind was the Transformer tower.  The selling point of this tower is its flexibility – it can transform from a 6′ tower to a 10′ tower.  Compatible with both the Twilight and the Daybreak blind, this gives you the ability to adjust the height of your blind to fit your particular situation. Retail price is $749.99.  Heavy duty powder-coated steel construction make this a great option for keeping a permanent blind location – not that you would need to with the next item they released…

Nomad Trailer

The Nomad trailer was one of those products that made me wonder “how come I never thought of that before?”  Typically folks think of these hard-sided blinds and towers as a more permanent fixture on a field edge.  Set in place for a particular part of the hunting season, hard-sided blinds and towers are great.  However, they aren’t able to adapt to changing conditions and game patterns.  Especially not for those without a large tractor and loader. The Nomad trailer now makes these blinds amazingly mobile.  

Made to be towed off-road with off-road vehicles like ATVs or UTVs, the 18.5″ tubeless tires scoff at rough terrain. I like to think of the trailer as more of a mobile platform.  You can easily move your Daybreak or Twilight blind and Transformer Tower, fully assembled, to another location on property with ease.  Level it with the four independent leveling jacks on each corner and you are ready to hunt same-day. For steeper hillsides the wheels can flip up and out of the way to fully sit one side of the frame on the ground.  In total you have roughly 16″ of adjustment.  At $1399.99, it adds a lot of value to an already awesome blind. 

Closing Thoughts and Where to Buy

One of the main things that was glaringly apparent when looking at these blinds versus others at the show was the quality of the components.  Price is definitely a driver for folks when evaluating blinds. When comparing the whole picture of features, quality, and cost Greylight is hard to beat.  

All three of these new products should be in stock sometime around June.  Once available, these new products and others from Greylight can be purchased through our online store.  Subscribe below to be notified when these are in-stock!


Highlights of Greylight's new releases for 2024 - the Daybreak Blind, Transformer Tower, and Nomad trailer.

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