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Bakcou’s new Jäger eBikes and 25Ah Battery

Bakcou incorporated a new technology into their soft and hardtail lineup to create a Jäger version of their eBikes:  Rohloff’s bombproof gearing system.  In addition to this, they introduced a massive 25aH, extended-distance battery that improves their entire lineup.  Which one should you get?  Let’s dive through an overview of their most popular models.


Flatlander is Bakcou’s most budget-friendly bike on their lineup. It’s 750W rear hub drive gives it plenty of power – and at 48V it has the torque to match.  While this is the only bike of theirs that doesn’t accept their newest 25aH battery, the optional 21ah battery still gives you up to 82 miles of range. This bike has many of the same suspension and chassis features as the higher-end hardtail version, the Mule.  The main difference we see being the braking system, and a 5lb lighter weight.


Bakcou’s Mule is their most-popular bike, and also the #1 selling fat-tire eBike, for good reason. Several key improvements over the Flatlander make it well worth the extra money.  Not only is this the lowest-cost bike in their lineup that can accept their 25Ah battery, but it also features their high-end 750W/1000W/1500W peak mid-drive motor.  Key differences in this motor are the intelligent torque sensing and ability to deliver 2x the torque of the Flatlander.  This system actually measures how much torque you are putting to the pedals, and meters the power of the motor in the same way.  Instead of an “on/off” type of feel when pedaling it adjusts to how you pedal and the terrain.  Precise power application and a beefier braking system make this bike ideal for hauling you and your gear up steep terrain.


Rough and rugged terrain is easily tamed by the Storm.  It includes all of the features that make the Mule great, but greatly softens the ride by adding a rear suspension and an even-better front fork.  Braking is also more responsive as they have massive 203mm disc brakes on back in addition to the front.  Bikes like this are at home in the mountains.

Mule and Storm Jäger

Bakcou’s Jäger designation elevated both the Mule and Storm series with Rohloff’s Speed Hub.  Instead of an exposed cassette/derailleur system, the gears are fully enclosed.  Not only does this mean lower maintenance, it reduces the chance of damage in the backcountry that could leave you stranded.  In addition, performance increases as you have 14 gears instead of the traditional 9, allowing for faster climbing and easier riding.  Lastly, an added benefit is that you are able to shift while completely stopped unlike a traditional system. All together, the Rohloff gear that makes these models worthy of the Jäger name is going to cost roughly $1800 more than the regular version.  While the Mule Jäger isn’t currently on their website, we were told it’s in the works. 

Our Thoughts

If you are in the market for an eBike, splurge on the Mule at a minimum. There’s a reason it has been the #1 selling model for two years in a row.  Not only does it accept the largest capacity single battery we saw at the show, but the high-end motor also makes the ride feel more natural.  For those dealing with trail legality issues – you can easily meet whatever class requirement you need with a simple change on the touchscreen and removing or disconnecting the thumb throttle, if required.   

Now for the price:  These things aren’t cheap.  Most high-end gear isn’t.  Honestly, there are numerous eBike suppliers available and many do have lower-cost options.  Many even utilize and point to a few of the same technologies used between all brands.  However, one must look at ALL the components used that make these bikes truly “elite”.  You can’t slap a Ferrari motor in a Honda Civic and expect it to drive like a Ferrari. 

Bakcou has a sweet tool on their website to compare these eBikes for yourself and decide which one is right for you.  Even if you already have a Mule or Storm, it may be worth buying the 25ah battery to further stretch your eBike’s range. 

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