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New Lone Wolf Custom Gear .75 and The Fix

As usual, Lone Wolf Custom Gear released several new products for 2022. After gathering loads of customer feedback they focused on developing the most consistent asks of their customers.   Some of these were minor modifications to existing products like the Sidekick. Others were a completely new stand and saddle platform, the .75 and The Fix.

The New .75 Treestand

Lone Wolf Custom Gear’s .75 treestand is aptly named as it is blends the best features of the .5 and 1.0.  It features the 16.5″ width of the .5, with the longer 27″ length of the 1.0.  This combo gives you a lot of real estate for less than 7 lb in weight.  Like many of their stands, the .75 features the integrated stick holders that they incorporated in their stands last year. 

In the past you got the seat cushion that corresponded with your specific stand – with the .5 being the thinner of the two.  Going forward you have several options, as well as combinations of seat cushions to customize the seat height and comfort.  Not specific to the .75, one could use this approach on any of the LWCG tree stands.

"The Fix" Saddle Platform

While most folks loved the Ambush, there were requests to “Fix” some of the issues, namely around size.  Lone Wolf Custom Gear was able to shrink the Ambush to shave over a pound off their original saddle platform, while enhancing several of the features.  Still rock-solid, it cams even easier than the Ambush with even more built-in leveling capability.  Now you can hunt those trees in that perfect spot that perhaps didn’t grow perfectly for platforms.

Packability has been improved as well.  The Fix folds flat as a pancake with built-in landing-pads for sticks. When folded, the center post has molle compatible hooks to securely hang the platform by your side, hands-free, until you need it.  This platform should be available in the next two months. 

Sidekick Bow Holder

Granted, the Sidekick bow holder wasn’t new for 2022, but they made several improvements to the design.  All new Sidekicks have a 45 degree chamfer on the inside. Finding the slot with your bow limb without even looking for the holder is easier than ever.  If you are decent with a grinder you can modify your existing Sidekick at home, as well.  However, they’ve also lengthened the holder 0.25″ to fit the wider lower limbs on one of the newer Mathews bows. That may be a little harder to replicate in your garage, should you need it.

Where to Buy

As these were just unveiled at the 2022 ATA show, you won’t find these on Lone Wolf Custom Gear’s website just yet. However, I’d expect to see these items for purchase on their website in the next couple weeks with delivery anticipated by spring for most of these items.  Those ordering the Sidekick bow holder from this point forward should expect to get the newer version. If you are interested in learning more about the other D’Acquisto series models, check out the .5 and 1.0 here.

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