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New Spot Hogg Triple Stack and MRT Fixed Pin Adapter

After the cancellation of the 2021 ATA Show, it was great to be able to catch up with our friends at Spot Hogg Archery during the ATA Show in Louisville. Spot Hogg is well known for developing the highest quality archery products which prove themselves year-after-year on the range, as well as in the field. This year is no different. 

Spot Hogg Triple Stack

While the Triple Stack sight was technically released in 2021, I’d be remiss in not mentioning them as a new product. The new sight was hard to get for much of the year due to the many challenges of the pandemic, as well as the incredible demand. 

Unlike the Double Pin, the new Triple Stack gives you the ability to individually adjust each of the three pins and the corresponding individually adjustable pointers. Sight in the three pins to your desired yardages, move the dial, and you’ll know the new yardages for all three pins.  Make sure you’ve correctly set up your sight tape.

In addition to the individually micro-adjustable, vertical Bullet Proof pins, the Triple Stack features an all new “always up” solar wrap.  Unlike most sights which wrap the fiber around the housing, the fibers are wound repeatedly across the top.  Your pins are brighter in low-light conditions as they are always gathering the most light possible.  Pin sizes are customizable in .010″ or 0.019″ diameter as well as green, yellow and red colors. Similar to the rest of the MRT sight lineup, the Triple Stack also comes with all three MRT rings.  While it is customizable, this sight is extremely hard to come by.  You have a better chance of getting your hands on one if you order a standard color and pin size. 

If you’d like to learn more about what makes the Triple Stack different than some of their other adjustable pin options, keep an eye out for an in-depth review of the Triple Stack on our site in the near future.

MRT Fixed Pin Adapter

Spot Hogg excels at accounting for the currently available bow models and providing adjustability for everyones individual setup. However, there are no standards for bow riser thickness and every model tunes differently.  Every so often adjustments are needed to product lines to account for these variations.

They tackled this issue by completely redesigning their fixed pin adapter. Used in the Hogg Father, Tommy Hogg and Fast Eddie series, this adaptor gives these sights more horizontal (left/right) adjustment for all of today’s bows and shooter styles.

Depending on what sight housing you use, the MRT Fixed Pin Adapter comes in either a two-piece or three-piece kit.  Scope-style housings with a rod require the three piece kit. This kit would also allow you to convert to a Triple-stack housing, as well. 

Anticipated Availability and Pricing

After making great improvements in their capacity, Spot Hogg continues to ship Triple Stack sights daily.  However, these are still on a slight backorder. As you can imagine, demand for these new sights has been astounding.  Occasionally, one can get lucky and find the 3-pin housing and pointers for $184.99-$199.99 through various online retailers.

The MRT Fixed Pin Adapter for those with the multi-pin L-bracket will run $29.99. As mentioned, to convert a double stack or single-pin scope an additional piece is required to replace the rod. That will cost slightly more at $39.99. All new Hogg Father, Tommy Hogg, and Fast Eddie sights will be shipped with the new MRT Fixed Pin Adapters. However, be aware as some dealers may have some older stock on hand without the adapter.  Adapters are expected to be available for purchase around March or April of this year.

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