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image showing fourth arrow baton camera arm

A Review of the Entry-Level Fourth Arrow Baton Camera Arm

Gear seems to get incrementally better every year.  It is not so often that you get the groundbreaking innovation that Fourth Arrow packed into their Baton Arm camera arm. Perfect for anybody starting out self filming, on a budget, or simply trying to shave precious ounces off their gear.  Where was this arm when I began self-filming with those massive, heavy camera arms?! This camera arm is the ultimate combination of lightweight, packability, adjustability, and price. Let’s dive in on this Fourth Arrow Baton Camera Arm Review.

Baton Arm Specifications

Baton Weight*

(*without head)

2 lbs 10 oz

Length Collapsed

15.5 inches

Total Reach

25 inches

Rated Weight

6 lbs

Lightweight and Packable

When you first take the Fourth Arrow Baton camera arm out of the package you’ll probably think “how the heck does it pack this small?” or “I guess you need to assemble it…” It really is that small.  No tools required.  No complicated assembly in the field.  Thanks to Fourth Arrow’s patent pending fold-in design. You simply unfold the 15.5″ arm and attach it to the tree for a generous 25″ of reach.  You’ll have to get a little creative to capture shots to your extreme left (assuming you mount your arm to your right side), but that’s the case with pretty much any camera arm.  

At only 2.6 pounds I honestly expected this arm to struggle with my larger-size Sony PXW-X70. The camera itself weighs more than the arm.  However, it was relatively steady without any noticeable bounce.  I’d expect it to do exceptionally well with any of your lighter handycams, small mirrorless or DSLR cameras with smaller lenses, or even cell phones. Total weight rating of the arm is 6lbs. The weight rating includes the weight of the video head you decide to pair with the arm. Needless to say, this arm disappears in your pack.


One of the most interesting features of the Baton Arm was the Easy Level System. It has the ability to adjust the arm both up and down simply by pushing a lever.  Doesn’t matter how far forward or back the tree is leaning, this arm can probably handle it. As an entry-level camera arm it does not have full 360 degree leveling capability, but as long as you align the base with the tree vertically before cinching down the included ratchet strap, you’ll be able to level your setup for the perfect shot. 

Add-Ons and Modifications

Being a tinkerer I like to make any gear I bring into the field “my own.”  I had the pleasure of using Fourth Arrow’s mini video head and was pleasantly surprised.   It also works well for anyone looking for a beginner head or trying to minimize weight or size. In order to use it you’ll have to use the included 1/4″-20 thread adapter.  As you have to take the head off to fully collapse the arm, I’d highly suggest you put a dab of loctite on the adapter (glue it into the mini head) so you don’t risk losing the adaptor in the woods.  As with almost all of my gear, I ended up putting some padded tape to deaden sounds from inadvertent treestand hits, limb touches, bow contact, etc. 

Final Thoughts

The Baton Arm offers exceptional adjustability, is extremely lightweight and very packable. It is the perfect camera arm for cell phones and handycams. At less than a hundred bucks – you absolutely cannot beat this camera arm.  I remember paying WAY more than that for my very first camera arm over a decade ago. We hope you enjoyed this Fourth Arrow Baton Camera Arm Review. Leave a comment below for your thoughts.

You can order one of these entry level camera arms, or other professional-grade arms directly from Fourth Arrow at

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