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Fourth arrow stiff arm ghost camera arm

Stiff Arm Ghost and New Micro Triple Camera Arms

For the 2022 ATA show, Fourth Arrow had not one, but two new camera arms to showcase;  The eye-catching Stiff Arm Ghost Camera Arm and the ultra-lightweight, saddle-hunter focused New Micro Triple Arm.  Both of these innovations massively improved on already popular models. 

The Stiff Arm Ghost Camera Arm

Fourth Arrow’s new Stiff Arm Ghost camera arm immediately caught my eye.  It looked as if they had taken a long, AR-15 M-LOK hand guard and made a camera arm from it.  Not only is this visually stunning, but it surprisingly cut the weight by almost half a pound. In addition to reducing the weight, they were also able to extend the reach by 3 inches versus the original stiff arm to match the longer reach of the Carbon Arm 3.0.  At 2 oz less weight than the Carbon Arm 3.0, this is probably the reason why the Carbon Arm has been discontinued.  

All told, the Stiff Arm Ghost has an 8% longer reach with 24% less weight – and the same 8 lb weight rating as the Carbon Arm 3.0.  That’s squeezing every ounce of performance out of an already stellar product. This combination of light weight, toughness, long reach, and good weight rating makes this arm ideal for tree stand or saddle hunters who are looking to shave every ounce out of their pack without giving up functionality.

The New Micro Triple Arm

Focused on further refining their top-sellers, Fourth Arrow revamped their extremely popular, saddle-hunter focused Micro Triple Arm.  They were able to take a whopping 10 oz (37%) of the weight out of the arm , while giving an additional 2″ of total reach.  The ultra-compact size and 29″ of reach should make this the go-to for any saddle hunter looking for an ultra-lightweight and packable camera arm.  Despite its small size and weight, it still boasts a 10 lb weight rating.  While the size and flexibility of the arm are ideal for saddle hunters, you may want a little more reach if you are hunting out of a traditional tree stand setup. 

Thoughts and Availabilty

You’ll find us eagerly waiting in line for one of the Stiff Arm Ghost camera arms when they come available this spring – as I expect a lot of other hunters will be as well. With the growing popularity of saddle hunting, the new Micro Triple Arm will probably fly off the shelf as well.  While the Micro Triple arm is expected to be available in spring too, we’ve heard the Stiff Arm Ghost will likely be available earlier.  These arms, along with all of Fourth Arrow’s lineup will be available on their website at Don’t forget to also check out their other recently released entry-level arm, the Baton Arm.

Stiff Arm Ghost and New Micro Triple Arm Specs

Stiff Arm Ghost:

  • Weight (arm only): 1 lb 6 oz
  • Kit Weight (Arm, Shoulder, Talon/Base, Ratchet): 4 lb 1 oz
  • Arm Length: 35 inches
  • Total Reach: 41 inches
  • Rated Weight: 8 lb
  • Features:  Lightweight, Tough, Extra Reach

New Micro Triple Arm:

  • Weight (arm only): 1 lb 1 oz
  • Kit Weight (Arm, Shoulder, Talon, Ratchet): 3 lb 11 oz
  • Arm Length: 23 inches
  • Total Reach: 29 inches
  • Rated Weight: 10 lb
  • Features: Ultra-Compact, Lightweight, Saddle Arm

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