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The new Ascent Blind

Xenek’s New Ascent Blind – 2020 ATA Show

We were beyond ecstatic when we heard that Xenek was releasing their new Ascent Blind. Several of us have used Xenek’s Apex blind for a few years and absolutely love their products. While we were quite happy with the original, we were excited for several of the new features on this version.

Brand New Fabric and Windows

The blind featured several things we grew to love on the original Apex with some added improvements. Bomb-proof construction, reinforcements at every failure point, built-in camera mounts, space-saving tripod wall-slots, and included backpack were still present. Albeit some slight improvements were made to the backpack making it slightly larger to fit the blind a bit easier.  

Probably the most noticeable difference in the blinds is the new DSX camo pattern, which was designed with the help of Dave Smith of Dave Smith Decoys.  The new pattern is sure to blend into almost all surroundings.  The 4-way stretch fabric panoramic window provides for an almost infinitely adjustable window, capable of adapting to any situation.

In addition to the new camo pattern and fabric, we loved the new tall-and-narrow windows opposite the panoramic window. While most times these windows are difficult to use due to lack of visibility, the Ascent solves this problem with a 1-way vision panel between the two tall-and narrow vertical windows. The hunter can prepare for the shot without being seen before the animal is in the window. As usual, these windows are extremely customizable.

Other Features and Attachments

A few other features caught our eye as well. Xenek’s new Ascent blind features integrated brush loops and shoot-through mesh similar to the Apex. Couple these with the self-filming mounts that easily attach to the blind and it’s no question why this is the ultimate self-filming blind. In total, Xenek created three mount systems; the mini-mount, tree screw, and stabilizer coupler. These mounts securely attach your camera or smart phone to the blind, bow, or tree. The stabilizer mount offers four different mounting positions. When paired with the infinitely adjustable Mini-Mount, you have several creative options to set your footage apart. Their lightweight and modular systems create multiple mounting options minimal investment and weight.

For more information, or to purchase Xenek’s new Ascent blind, please visit Xenek’s website at

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2 Responses

  1. The adjustability, durability, and over all design of the xenek blinds is awesome, so much better than other blinds on the market

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