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LWCG D’Acquisto Series 0.5 – 2020 ATA Show

The D’Acquisto 0.5 hang-on is the next evolution in the D’Acquisto series of hang-on tree stands by Lone Wolf Custom Gear (LWCG). This stand is even lighter and smaller than its predecessor and will be a perfect option for those looking for the lightest treestand available. Although the D’Acquisto Series 0.5 is very similar to the D’Acquisto Series 1.0, which released at the 2019 ATA Show, it has some great new features that are certain to please LWCG customers.

D'Acquisto Series 0.5

The D’Acquisto Series 0.5 is the perfect hybrid between the Kuhnert’s Ambush and the D’Acquisto Series 1.0 hang-on. Coming in at approximately 5.5 lbs, the new D’Acquisto Series 0.5 features a smaller platform at 24×17 inches, and a slightly narrower seat. In addition, the D’Acquisto Series 0.5 has a seat height that is approximately 2 inches lower than the seat on the D’Acquisto Series 1.0 due to the shorter center support connecting the base to the seat. The center support is also very similar to the center support of the previous version. Overall, this stand is a more compact and packable version of the D’Acquisto Series 1.0. 

For those concerned about the stability of the new ultra-lightweight stand, the D’Acquisto Series 0.5 is actually more rigid. The new D’Acquisto 0.5 stand is actually stronger, although smaller than the D’Aquisto 1.0, as the reduction in platform length actually reduces the leverage that can be applied at the connection point of the platform to the center support.

LWCG is also looking to implement new features, such as an integrated bow holder, which they hope to have available for the launch of the 0.5 stand later this year.

LWCG Double Step Climbing Stick

LWCG has also released the all new double step climbing stick. A stick designed to be light and extremely packable just like the rest of the LWCG products. The new double step has a slot cut into the center post that allows the mini-versa button to slide into sticks as they are stacked on top of one another. LWCG has also replaced he standard offset brackets on the double step climbing stick with two solid bolts that will serve as the primary point of contact with the tree. The new D’Acquisto Series 0.5 hang-on, as well as updated D’Acquisto Series 1.0 hang-ons will feature a new set of climbing stick ports to accept the double step’s bolts (in addition to the existing grommet ports for the original climbing sticks).

Pocket Arm

Another great product LWCG announced at the 2020 ATA show is the new Pocket Arm. The pocket arm is an ultra lightweight camera arm that features a very similar look as the center support column on the D’Acquisto Series hang-on tree stands and climbing sticks. The Pocket Arm weighs in at a mere 1.5 lbs (strap included) and is capable of supporting small video cameras and DSLr type cameras. Even with the camera arm extended directly to the side, the Pocket Arm is solid. 

LCWG Improvements and Enhancements

One of the big announcements at the 2020 ATA show is that LWCG has developed a set of clips that can be used to secure your climbing sticks to your treestand or hold your sticks together in stacks. These clips will be a standard feature on the new D’Acquisto Series 2.0 hang-on, but will also be provided to existing customers who have already own the climbing sticks. The clip looks like a J-shaped hook with threads on the straight end. This J is narrow enough to fit in-between the cuts on the LWCG climbing stick posts and platform of your treestand.

Another new feature that will be available for the LWCG climbing sticks is a step aider.  The step aider will allow you to get additional height out of each stick without adding much weight. The aider is made out of a stiff adjustable cable.  Built-in stiffness keeps the aider away from the tree, allowing the hunter to find them with their foot much easier. This will make it very easy to climb the sticks, even in the dark. This is a huge bonus for anyone who has used climbing aiders in the past as you are well aware they can be difficult to use with bulky hunting boots.  The aiders are also going to be available to be added to existing LWCG climbing sticks as an aftermarket product.

Expected Release and Availability

If there was one complaint from most LWCG customers in 2019, it was the amount of time it took to receive product. LWCG has made great strides in ensuring this does not happen moving forward. Not only have they migrated manufacturing to a new facility, but they have also sured up their manufacturing processes to improve overall product quality. LWCG did not give a definitive date for new product release at the ATA show, but said they expect their new stand and sticks to be available around summer time.

To purchase and learn more about LWCG products, be sure to visit their website at

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