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Sitka Gear Tool Bucket – New for 2020

The new Tool Bucket by Sitka Gear is the perfect whitetail pack for all day sits. Like the Tool Belt and Cargo Box packs, the Tool Bucket features a top load “bucket style” gear access. The Tool Bucket is 1800 cubic inches in size and is packed full of features to help you keep your gear organized in the whitetail woods.

Sitka Gear Tool Bucket - Exterior Features

The next size up in packs from the Tool Belt, the Tool Bucket, certainly has a lot more capacity for loading your gear into the woods. However, one of the first things you’ll notice missing from this pack in comparison is a hip belt. The Tool Bucket is designed to carry enough gear to get you through an all day sit, but is still designed to keep you light and mobile. Even without the hip belt, the Tool Bucket is very comfortable thanks to shoulder straps with plenty of padding. The right shoulder strap also contains a small pocket made for a wind indicator bottle, keeping this very important tool easily accessible.

Two water bottle pockets can be found on either side of the packs exterior, as well as secondary pockets which sit a little higher to carry items such as a large bow holder or a small camera arm or tripod. Additionally, cinch straps along the back help fasten larger items to your pack such as your bow or rifle, and also aides in compressing the pack down in size when its not entirely full.

Interior Features

The exterior lid allows the Tool Bucket to be hung from your tree and quickly access all of your gear without digging through the pack. Two large OPTIFADE™ mesh viewing windows on the interior side of the lid allow you to store smaller items such as a release or grunt call, while still allowing you to see what you have in your pack. Half zips on the front of the pack fold over revealing another large mesh viewing window and the main compartment. This is great improvement over the previous version of the Tool Bucket by making gear access much more efficient.

Inside the main compartment of the pack you will find a pockets on either sides of the pack. These side pockets are perfect for storing longer items such as a hand saw or limb snips. Four more pockets line the back interior of the pack. While the previous Tool Bucket model also had pockets in this location, the renewed version of this pack now has smaller individualized pockets to help segregate and organize your gear. Last but not least, the large interior compartment has a mesh divider and is perfect for storing extra clothes, snacks or whatever you might need to take in the woods with you.

Stow Away Gear Straps

One of the things I really like about the Sitka Gear Tool Bucket are the stow away straps featured on the top and bottom of the pack. Hidden ports on the bottom of the pack allow a set of straps to secure gear such as a rolled jacket or tripod, while being hidden away when not in use. Likewise, a load bearing strap at the top of the pack can be used to secure a bow or firearm to the pack when necessary. In both cases, the ability to hide away the straps reduces the likelihood of getting them caught on brush while walking through the woods or making unwanted noise.

Pull-up Rope Compartment

Keeping up with the idea of better gear management, Sitka has also introduced a new and improved gear rope pocket on the top of the Tool Bucket. This little improvement keeps your rope untangled and allows it to pull free as you climb into your stand. Once you are done pulling up or lowering your pack, the pocket has a half circle zip which opens providing easy access to quickly store your pull rope.

Initial Impressions and Use Cases

As I mentioned above, the Tool Bucket is perfect for all days sits where you need to take a little more gear than necessary. For the hunter who is looking to carry along camera gear, this pack would also be well suited as long as you are not carrying an excessive amount of equipment. Whatever the case, you’ll find it easy to keep your gear neatly organized and readily accessible the moment you need it.

Visit today for more information on the all new Tool Bucket and other packs by Sitka Gear.

Tool Bucket Specs:

  • MRSP – $249
  • Size – 1800 Cubic Inches
  • 17 Storage Compartments
  • Weight – 54.7 ounces
  • Color – GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Elevated II

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