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Sitka Gear Tool Belt – New for 2020

The new Tool Belt by Sitka Gear is an extremely versatile pack designed specifically with the Run-n-Gun style hunter in mind. Very similar to the larger Tool Bucket and Cargo Box packs, the Tool Belt uses a top load “bucket style” gear access, but on a smaller scale. The Tool Belt is 600 cubic inches in size, and although that doesn’t seem like much at first, there is a lot more to this pack than meets the eye.

Sitka Gear Tool Belt - Exterior Features

The Tool Belt features an oversized hip belt with plenty of padding to make it extremely comfortable when carrying at full capacity. A zippered pocket capable of carrying small gear such as a release or range founder can be found on both the right and left hip. In addition, on the right hip, there is also a small mesh pocket designed for carrying a small wind indicator bottle for quick easy access when walking to and from the stand.

The primary storage compartment is accessed via a two way lid which allows its wearer to access gear quickly and seamlessly both when wearing the Tool Belt and when it is hanging from the tree. Inside, the Tool Belt has several see through mesh pockets which aid in gear management and organization.

On either side of the main storage compartment are removable water bottle holders which double as additional gear storage. These are perfect for carrying a spare lineman’s belt or safety tether when climbing your tree.

Removable Apparel Carry System

Without a doubt, the most exciting feature of the Tool Belt is the removable apparel carry system which can be easily stowed away within the main storage compartment or completely removed to allow additional space for gear. The apparel carry system is a large mesh pocket with shoulder straps included which convert the Tool Belt into a more traditional backpack style pack. As the name implies, it is meant to be used for carrying an extra jacket or bibs when the temperatures drop.

Initial Impressions and Use Cases

My initial impression of this pack is that it will be great for the highly mobile hunter who doesn’t carry a large amount of gear to and from their stand. It has enough storage capacity to accommodate most of your essential gear, but is best suited to a morning or evening only hunt. A day hunt could be possible if you only carry the most critical items. I also see myself using this pack when carrying a stand in and out. It is small enough that it should easily attach to most hang-on or climbing stands, and has some great features that will aid me in the climbing process.

Visit today for more information on the all new Tool Belt and other packs by Sitka Gear.

Tools Belt Specs:

  • MRSP – $229
  • Size – 600 Cubic Inches
  • 10 Storage Compartments
  • Total Weight – 41.5 ounces
  • Weight w/o the removable apparel carry system – 34 ounces
  • Color – GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Elevated II

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