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DSD posturing jake decoy giveaway feature image

DSD Posturing Jake Decoy Giveaway

Turkey season is just around the corner, or for some of you is already underway. Spring time is a time for new growth, fresh starts, and gobbling turkeys! With all of the news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic filling TV programming, email inboxes and the internet the last few weeks, we thought it was time to bring some joy and happiness to one lucky person. Specifically, joy and happiness by winning a new DSD Posturing Jake Decoy!

New for 2020 - DSD Posturing Jake Decoy

Dave Smith Decoys released the DSD Posturing Jake Decoy at the 2020 NWTF Convention in Nashville this past February. When you get an opportunity, be sure to check out our Blog article from the NWTF Show featuring the new decoy, along with other news from Dave Smith Decoys. In addition to the new Jake decoy, improvements were made to the existing turkey decoy lineup and the addition of a custom Ocellated paint option.

Here's Your Chance to Win One!

SELFILMED, in conjunction with Dave Smith Decoys, is giving one (1) of these great decoys away for free to one lucky winner on April 20th, 2020. Approximate retail value of the decoy, including free ground shipping to the winner, is approximately $220 USD. More information on the prize rules and how to enter can be found by clicking the button below. Make sure you complete all actions, including the daily ones, to increase your odds of winning.

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58 Responses

  1. These decoys have blown my mind. The little details that DSD have are what places them ahead of all the other competing company’s. Definitely worth the extra money.

  2. Can’t wait to finally try some DSD decoys this year. I have killed a lot of turkeys over the past ten years but never with a bow. Hopefully this year is going to be the year!

  3. I never had a DSD decoy because they always been a little pricey. They look real deal and I can’t wait for April 20th

  4. DSD are the best in the game! These Colorado Merriams eat them up! Awesome to see you guys partnering up.

  5. Just like trhe DSD decoys I have, this is another that I’ll have to add to the arsenal. What a great look decoy!

  6. Fingers crossed I can use this decoy this season. DSD makes the best and thanks for having the giveaway!

  7. Best decoy there is. Toms attack this decoy all the while hunting. Such a real looking decoy that can withstand the punishment from a real mature Tom.

    1. DSD decoys were an absolute game changer for me. Started using the alert hen years ago and have added a Jake to my flock. The turkeys absolute commit and put on a show, where as in the pass they would approach my decoys but move on soon after. Turkey either breed my hen decoy or attack my Jake decoy. I’ve had my DSDs attacked by a hawk and a bobcat so far. They are amazing.

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