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DSD Posturing Jake – 2020 NWTF Show

Springtime brings warmer weather and…turkey season. A season very dear to my heart. However, weeks before springtime officially kicks off is the National Wild Turkey Federation’s yearly convention. This year at the NWTF convention, the Dave Smith Decoy booth was again buzzing with excitement over 2020’s new decoys.

DSD Posturing Jake

If you have spent time watching turkeys in the wild, you’ve probably witnessed the inspiration for this decoy pose first hand. Turkeys are constantly testing the hierarchy of the flock.  Showing and acting in aggression in order to oust the dominant bird from its perch at the top. The new DSD Posturing Jake decoy imitates this act of aggression with its aggressive pose. A pose so real, you will need to do a double take to make sure it isn’t the real thing.

The new DSD Posturing Jake decoy features a true-to-life, ultra-realistic paint job all DSD decoys are known for. In addition, it is made of DSD’s proprietary A.C.E. 2.0 material similar to all of DSD’s turkey decoys. With built-in wings and tail feathers and a built in beard, setup of this decoy is very fast for that run and gun style hunter.

This decoy should pair well with the 3/4 Strut Jake and a lone hen. A setup that is sure to draw in that dominant gobbler this spring.

Strutter Decoy Updates

In addition to the DSD Posturing Jake this year, DSD has made a sweeping update to their existing strutter lineup. Due to the popularity of the Jake Strutter decoy last year, DSD has decided to also mold in the full wings of the strutter. This update significantly increases the portability and reduces the time it takes to setup the decoy. Simply add a real tail fan and beard and you are ready to hunt. 

Custom Painted Ocellated Decoys

Something unique this year was the custom painted Ocellated jake and hen decoy on display at the DSD booth. It was one of the first of its kind that I’ve personally laid eyes on. To my knowledge no other company I’m aware of has made or offered an Ocellated turkey decoy. 

I’ve always been intrigued by this species of wild turkey. In true DSD fashion, they knocked it out of the park with this one. I cannot wait to see some success pictures from the hunting grounds in the Yucatán peninsula using these unique decoys.

If you want more information on DSD’s turkey decoy offering, or are interested in purchasing your own, be sure to visit them at

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