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Fourth Arrow's Rex Arm Rail Kit Mounted on A Shooting Rail

Fourth Arrow’s Pillar System – 2020 ATA Show

Fourth Arrow’s Pillar System and Final Rest have become quite popular for younger hunters who struggle to steady a weapon or others who simply want a rock-solid rest.  SELFILMED’s Rich and his daughter Morgan used the Final Rest on several occasions this past season with great success. While with a sturdy wood blind many are happy with the standard Fixed Blind Base, some folks want the added stability of the Pillar System.  

Fourth Arrow's New Pillar System

Some leave the pillar systems installed in the blind to cut down on carrying extra gear, minimize setup time, or if they have multiple blinds. In order to make this an affordable option for all, Fourth Arrow released at the 2020 ATA show:  A stripped-down, more budget-friendly version of the pillar system. This pairs with the Final Rest in the same way as the original, with slightly less adjustability. 

Rex-Arm Rail Kit

While not new for 2020, we also were impressed with the super-compact and lightweight Rex-Arm Rail kit. Designed for self-filming with the smaller Rex arm, this base integrates with many of the other arms for those with ladder stands or climbers made of square tubing. This mount will disappear in your pack yet still hold a surprising 10lbs.  We’ve successfully tried longer arms and they do work, but max weight obviously decreases. 

For more information, or to order your own Final Rest system and Rex-Arm Rail Kit please check out their website at

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