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Tightspot Quivers – 2020 ATA Show

New for 2020, Tightspot Quivers debuted several new solid-color hoods to match the major bow manufacturers.  While a lot of the new camo patterns are available on bow rigs, there are several non-black solid options for risers and limbs. Tightspot Quivers released a variety of new patterns for their quivers, but my favorite were the solid colors for the 5-arrow quivers.  The O.D. green was a perfect match for Mathew’s Green Ambush as well as Prime’s Ghost Green.

They also added several different camo options for various other quiver hoods.  However, the other main feature item that was released was something I had come to take for granted.  While I used a tree-mount every time I took my 5 or 7-arrow quivers out, they had not released a 3-arrow version until this year.

Benefits of Tightspot Quivers

There are numerous options for quivers available. So why Tightspot?  The main thing that people associate with Tightspot is that they fit extremely tight to your bow. Most of the items, from your rest to your quiver to your sight attach to the same side of your bow. I’ve found minimizing the leverage that any of these items have can greatly improve the balance of the bow.  In addition to this, the carbon rods and the acoustic-dampening materials in the hood reduce the amount of felt vibration.

Perhaps your nocks dig into the ground when you place your bow down.  Or maybe your bow’s balance is just slightly off.  One of the other benefits of the multiple axis of adjustment are the ability to move the quiver up or down, or forward or backward.  You can quickly make both modifications with a simple turn of an allen wrench.

I recently switched from a standard size hunting arrow (the Gold Tip Hunter series) to one of the increasingly popular micro-diameter arrows (the Gold Tip Kinetic series).  While the quiver has two different sized notches, years of wear made it to where several of the holders did not initially grip the smaller arrows.  With the adjustable, patented Bulldog grippers I was able to get the quiver to securely hold them in place. 

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