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Spot Hogg Tuff Guy – 2020 ATA Show

For 2020 the Spot Hogg Tuff Guy continued to expand upon their line of releases.  With the successful Wiseguy release as a starting point, they kept all the favorite features from that release while addressing many customer’s requests. 

Adjustable Length and new Jaws

One of the most noticeable changes was the longer, micro-adjustable bridge length.  While a similar feature exists on the Wiseguy, this longer version should fit a larger variety of folks.  In addition to the longer “neck”, the jaws feature another noticeable upgrade:  a closed jaw system.  The Wiseguy had a hook-style open jaw, but Spot Hogg’s Tuff Guy has a single, closed jaw to enclose the d-loop. The not-so-visible feature of the jaws is the adjustable trigger tension.  Trigger tension can be adjusted to be a hair-trigger like the Wiseguy, or you can really up the tension.  

Variety of Wrist-Strap Options

A new feature for the Tuff Guy is the addition of deluxe-style wrist strap.  It features enhanced padding for user comfort all around as well as near the buckle.  This should reduce/eliminate any discomfort due to the metal buckle. Although this feature was introduced on the Tuff Guy, it is now available for all other wrist-strap style releases.  You can tell if the release has the new strap by looking for high-end white stitching around the borders.  As usual, they still offer the BOA style and a camo, Realtree Edge buckle version.

For more info on the Tuff Guy visit Spot Hogg’s website or check out our video.

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