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Firenock – 2020 ATA Show

The Firenock booth was once again buzzing with excitement at the 2020 ATA Show. So busy in fact that it was the last day of the show before the SELFILMED crew was able to get Dorge away from the mass of retailers, manufacturers, and dealers visiting the Firenock booth to show off the exciting new products for 2020.

Expanding the AeroWeave Lineup

We recently released an overview of the Firenock AeroWeave arrow shafts (See that video here: The AeroWeave shafts were available in a .246″ ID shaft, .300″ ID shaft, and .315″ ID shaft. For 2020, Firenock has expanded the AeroWeave lineup to now include the AeroWeave204 (a .204″ ID shaft). The new AeroWeave shafts are 10.4 grains per inch, have a straightness of 0.0015″, weight tolerance of +/- 1 grain per dozen. The AeroWeave204 comes in a spine rating of 300, 350, or 400. Retail price of $159.95 per dozen shafts.

Saber Blade

New from Firenock at the 2020 ATA Show is the Saber blade. The SwingBlade mechanical broadhead debuted at the 2018 ATA Show with two blade designs (Falcon and Raptor). The Talon blade was added last year.  The Saber blade is meant for arrow speeds of less than 305 fps. When combined with the SwingBlade head, and one of the 3 different weighted bodies, the Saber blade offers an overall cutting diameter of 1-13/16″.

New Informational Catalog

You’ll immediately notice that the new 2020 Firenock catalog is now over 60 pages long.  What’s the purpose for such a long catalog? To help educate dealers and the existing and potential Firenock consumers. Not only is the catalog a valuable tool to help consumers understand the scientific concepts of archery (reference the AeroFlight 101 pages), but also provides a plethora of information on each actual product. Far different than your typical archery product catalog.  You can view the 2020 Firenock catalog here:

For more information on the latest Firenock product releases (we only highlighted a couple of the new for 2020 products above), or to purchase Firenock products online, please visit

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