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2019 NWTF Convention – Dave Smith Decoys

Over the years, Dave Smith Decoys have released some truly amazing decoys. Through countless hours in the field, studying the birds they seek to imitate, the folks at DSD have without question taken decoy realism to the next level. As if that dedication to design and development was not enough, DSD also takes the opportunity to recognize opportunities to improve upon the decoys they already have. New for 2019, DSD has introduced the Jake Strutter.

DSD Strutter Enhancements

The all new Jake Strutter is no less impressive than its bigger brothers the Strutter and the White Face Strutter. However, it has some features that make it more convenient, especially to the solo or highly mobile hunter. For starters, the Jake Strutter no longer requires users to provide a set of turkey wings, as the wings are now built into the body of the decoy. And like the rest of the Jake decoys in the DSD line, the Jake Strutter has a permanent beard. The built-in wings help with packability and speed of setup. In addition, the Jake Strutter is approximately 20 percent smaller (physical size and weight) than the Strutter.

One similarity to the Strutter and White Face Strutter, you still need to supply a real turkey fan for the Jake Strutter. Many turkey hunters likely have a Jake fan available for use, but if you don’t, one can purchase one here.

Nothing Beats a DSD

There’s no question about it that the DSD Jake Strutter is going to be a big hit in the field this spring. If you are in the market to get a new decoy for 2019, the DSD Jake Strutter should definitely be one you consider. For more information about Dave Smith Decoys, be sure to visit their website at

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