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2019 ATA Show – TightSpot Quivers

New for 2019, TightSpot Quivers introduces the TightSpot Rise. The Rise is the latest offering in an already versatile lineup of quivers with a specific goal to meet the needs of the treestand hunter. The Rise is built with the same narrow design that makes all TightSpot quivers perfect for the hunter looking for a compact, tight-fitting quiver. However, there are a few changes from the standard 7, 5, and 3 arrow quivers.

Changes for 2019

The first and most obvious difference is the addition of a loop placed on the hood of the quiver which enables the Rise to be easily hung from a bow hook or branch. The Rise is also four inches shorter than the original TightSpot quiver, making it more compact than before.

Like all TightSpot Quivers, the Rise features the patented 3-way adjustment system allowing the Rise to be positioned in the optimal position for your setup. Best of all, the 2019 Rise and the remaining TightSpot Quiver lineup will be offered in more colors and camo patterns than ever before.

TightSpot Rise Specs
Capacity: 5 Arrows
Weight: 11.1 oz.
Length: 15 3/4″
Hoot to Gripper: 14″
Price: $154.95

For more information on the all new Rise from TightSpot and the rest of their quiver lineup, visit their website at

Also, be sure to check back to our blog at for more 2019 ATA Show coverage.

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