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Kinex Systems – Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount

When it comes to filming your hunts, you really have two options: Option 1 – Find a second person to tag along as a camera man or Option 2 – Self-film your hunts. The great thing about the self-filmed option is that you operate on your own schedule, and you can pretty much hunt whenever you want. The bad thing about self-filming your own hunts is, well, just about everything else that goes along with it! All kidding aside, the self-filmed gig isn’t exactly a walk in the park, and it can be a real challenge to get the kill shot on camera, especially when bowhunting. The introduction of a secondary angle greatly helps reduce the risk of missing valuable footage when the moment of opportunity presents itself. However, I have never been a fan of mounting a heavy/bulky camera to my bow because I felt it messed with the balance too much. Enter the Kinex Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount.

In my opinion, the best thing about the Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount is the fact that it mounts in-between the split limbs on your bow. If you have a solid limb bow, obviously this won’t work for your setup.  The mounting system of the Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount positions the camera above the bow, without impacting the left/right balance. A huge plus in my book, and best of all, there is no hardware required to fix the Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount in place. In the example of my Hoyt RX-1, I simply swapped the factory installed Limb Shox from the top limb with the Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount base. Admittedly, getting the Limb Shox out from between the limbs was a lot easier than getting the Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount base installed. The limbs on my RX-1 are set pretty close together, so I had to slowly work the base in position. Once I got it where it needed to be, it was rock solid. The rubber base of the Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount also helps to provide vibration dampening for your bow mounted camera.  One of the biggest advantages of this mount over others on the market in my opinion. The vibration reduction of the base helps to steady the footage from the second angle camera, and actually provides you with usable footage. The composition of the base provides similar vibration reduction benefits as the original Limb Shox, and caused no deviation in my arrow shot placement when I tested it out to 60 yards (max distance I have tested so far).

Using an Allen wrench, the mount arm and Picatinny rail are attached to the base with the included screw. It just so happens that the screw that is shipped with the Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount is the same type of screw as a standard arrow rest button screw. As a quick upgrade, I utilized an extra Firenock titanium arrow rest button screw I had lying around to further reduce the weight impact my Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount would have on my setup, and also provide the additional vibration reduction benefits that titanium provides over steel. You can read all about the benefits of using titanium fasteners on your bow in one of my previous articles here.  With the mount arm and Picatinny rail in place, I shot my bow once more and I was unable to detect any difference in the feel, sound, or shot placement. So far, so good.

Now it was time to mount my GoPro to my Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount. Since GoPro doesn’t ship a Picatinny mount with the camera when you buy it, I had to order an adapter.  This 20mm rail mount adapter is the one I purchased from Amazon. The rail mount adapter fit well on the Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount rail and added little to no weight to the setup, all while also keeping my GoPro mounted fairly close to my limbs. The immediate impression I had upon picking up my bow was that it only felt slightly heavier, and the overall balance was not really affected. In addition to being able to rotate the Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount arm backwards toward you to film yourself, you also have the ability to slide the Picatinny rail back and forth on the mount arm to account for limb profile and make sure you are filming what you are aiming at. This additional adjustment also allowed me to better balance my bow without adjusting my stabilizer setup.

Last but not least, the Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount doubles as a bow hanger (must use the provided velcro strap), a feature that will no doubt come in handy this fall in the deer words.

For anyone looking for a quality secondary angle camera mount, I highly recommend you give the Kinex Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount a try. It’s unique placement is sure to provide a different camera angle that will enhance any hunt in the editing room. The Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount retails for $49.99 and can be purchased on the Kinex website at

All in all, I am very satisfied with the Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount and I feel that it solves many of the problems that other camera mounts present.

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