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2018 ATA Show – TightSpot Quivers

For years TightSpot has been the leader in the industry for bowhunting quivers.  Not only are they an extremely durable/rock solid quiver, they are adjustable to fit all sizes of arrows and easy to remove if you like to shoot without a quiver on your bow.  For 2018, TightSpot focused on minor improvements to their already amazing line of quivers and adding to their growing accessory selection.

To further strengthen the quiver and help reduce vibration they have doubled the fasteners on the thicker, redesigned crossbar without affecting the overall weight of the quiver.  An impressive feat considering the crossbar is now twice as thick as the original.

The clamping mechanism for my Tightspot quiver is still smooth-as-silk even after a full year of hard use.  However, for 2018 TightSpot has added a Delrin® saddle to keep the clamping and unclamping smooth and quiet despite the harshest conditions you can throw at it.  TightSpot has listened to customer concerns and continues to make improvements to maximize the reliability of the best quiver on the market.

My favorite new feature for 2018 is the new add-on Secondary Gripper for the 5-arrow models.  This new accessory easily attaches to the existing rods of your TightSpot, giving you a secondary point of contact for your arrows.  The Secondary Gripper further secures your arrows and eliminates broadhead contact with the inside of the quiver, while still keeping the blades safely shielded by the hood.  The oval holes of the new Secondary Gripper will work on any hunting shaft available on the market, including the micro diameter shafts.

In addition to these improvements and new features, TightSpot has released several new hood color options to match up to the new colors available on most flagship bows on the market for 2018.  The 7 arrow quiver is now available in 7 colors, the 5 arrow quiver is available in 12 colors and the 3 arrow version is available in 3 color options.  Check out these new features (as well as others that have made them the premier quiver in the industry) at their website

Also, be sure to stay tuned into the SELFILMED blog as we bring you up to date coverage from the 2018 ATA Show in Indianapolis.

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