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2018 ATA Show – Spot Hogg

Last year, Spot Hogg saw demand for the Fast Eddie and Fast Eddie XL  soar through the roof. In fact, demand was so great, it was difficult for them to stay caught up on the manufacturing side. In light of this, Spot Hogg opted to focus on improving production capacity in lieu of new product design. However, Spot Hogg being who they are has introduced a few improvements and upgrades to their existing sight line.

Did I mention the Fast Eddie was a hot selling item? Well, this year will be no different, and to add its list of great features available, for 2018 Spot Hogg has introduced an adjustable positive rack stop for the Fast Eddie and Fast Eddie XL. This stop will allow archers to set a maximum (or minimum) distance on their Fast Eddie sights and have a “Zero” stop return point so they can quickly dial their yardage knob to a known distance without even looking.  The Rack Stop will come standard on all 2018 Fast Eddie sights, and can be retrofitted to previous year models.

Also for 2018, Spot Hogg has added the Double Pin Pointer to their Tommy Hogg and Hogg Father sights. If you already have a Tommy Hogg or Hogg Father sight, the Double Pin Pointer easily retrofits to previous year models just like the Rack Stop. Though there is some assembly required, Cabe Johnson from Spot Hogg assured us that it is an easy installation process, and Spot Hogg’s awesome customer service will – as usual – be happy to help anyone who has any questions.

Last but not least, Spot Hogg has introduced a few new offerings in their release lineup.  The Wise Guy release is now available with the Boa Wrist strap by Truglo.  This well designed wrist strap is much more adjustable than more traditional buckle design straps. The Boa design allows for infinite adjustment, making it by far the most comfortable wrist strap available today.  To piggy back off the Boa wrist strap, Spot Hogg has also introduced a Cam Hanes Keep Hammering signature series Boa wrist strap. In addition to this, there is a new women’s camo pattern wrist strap for the Wise Guy known as the Muddy Girl.  This wrist strap and the and the others are all available on 2018 model Wise Guy releases.

For more information on the new products being offered by Spot Hogg, be sure to visit their website at Also, be sure to stay tuned into the SELFILMED blog as we bring you up-to-date coverage from the 2018 ATA Show in Indianapolis.

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