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2018 ATA Show – Grim Reaper Broadheads

Grim Reaper focused their R&D efforts on addressing customer feedback and suggestions that have come up over the last year.   If you’ve shot their broadheads in the past, you’ll know that they fly like a field point and open up with some of the widest linear cutting surfaces available.  Designed to open up during entry to maximize chances of success – while staying closed out of the fastest bows on the market – some folks were concerned that the broadheads would open a little too early with the jolt from a crossbow.

To further differentiate their crossbow and compound lines, they redesigned the cam system that retains the blades throughout the shot to their X-Bow line of broadheads.  In essence, there is a “hump” early in the blade cycle that keeps the blades fully closed during flight even when shot through the fastest crossbows on the market.  Warning: this will make the broadhead feel substantially stiffer to open by hand.  However, do not worry about opening upon impact.  Impressively, these same broadheads reliably open on a water-filled milk jug even when shot from a 20 lb draw Genesis youth bow.  Despite these major modifications, the broadhead still flies just like their practice version and a field point:  shots out of a 460 FPS crossbow at 110 yards produced five-inch groups between all three.

Variations of these improvements made it over to their compound-bow designed broadheads.  The improved cup design is guaranteed to stay closed during flight, yet you’ll notice these are even easier to open by hand than before.  Those with a collection of prior year’s Grim Reapers will appreciate the replacement blade kits that fit ALL past mechanical models.  In addition to these broadhead improvements, Grim Reaper redesigned their practice broadhead to make it even more durable and accurate.

Last but not least, Grim Reaper released a sweet, new t-shirt.  They stressed to us that this shirt represented everything they are about at Grim Reaper. For more information, or to purchase this and any of their new products please visit

Also, be sure to stay tuned into the SELFILMED blog as we bring you up to date coverage from the 2018 ATA Show in Indianapolis.

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