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2018 ATA Show – Firenock AeroStab

In his typical fashion, Dorge at Firenock had numerous breakthrough products to display at this year’s ATA show.   The one that immediately caught my attention was an extreme example of infinite configurations; His new AeroStab titanium stabilizer system. Yes, that’s right, I said titanium.  I could probably stop there when describing what sets the AeroStab apart from every other stabilizer system on the market, but that wouldn’t do it justice.

You’re probably asking… why titanium? There are multiple reasons.  First, we “balance” a bow by essentially hanging weights at a distance from the bow.  While almost all stabilizers on the market will rightfully place a mass towards the end of the stabilizer, those stabilizers use a heavy rod and threaded steel bolt that connect to the riser.  These add a significant amount of additional mass close to the bow (which would be best placed away from the riser).  Hence Firenock’s use of the metal with the highest strength-to-weight ratio known to man. This lightweight system allows you to place the mass of the stabilizer away from the riser where it will be best used.  Couple that with the rigidity and vibration resistance of titanium and you have one vibration-killing stabilizer.  Typical stabilizers on the market will send the vibrations after the shot down the length of the stabilizer bar.  The weights at the end will then vibrate and return those vibrations back down the length of the stabilizer to the bow riser to be absorbed.

The ability to put the majority of the mass away from the balance point of the bow does no good if you cannot accurately place it there (and securely keep it in place).  The earlier picture of the various possible configurations may have been overkill, but it demonstrates the capability of this system. Eight components can build whatever design you can dream up. Notice the O-rings located at the attachment interface of every component.  These allow for smooth, precise adjustments; until you want to lock it down with the hollow titanium torx bolt.

This is just a small offering of the new and amazing products Firenock has for 2018.  For more information or to purchase these and other products, please visit Dorge at

Also, be sure to stay tuned into the SELFILMED blog as we bring you up-to-date coverage from the 2018 ATA Show in Indianapolis.

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