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2017 ATA Show – Spot Hogg

In addition to an all new bow sight (touched on later in this article) and the new Edge Swap rest, Spot Hogg focused on improving several of their already top notch products for 2017.
Their multi pin sights have received a major upgrade in the form of the MRT Pin Guard which can be fitted to your favorite Spot Hogg sight. Multi Ring Technology was unveiled by Spot Hogg in 2016 with the Double Pin scope housing.  Multi Ring Technology drastically helps archers achieve proper peep to sight alignment in any lighting condition. Available in 3 and 5 pin configurations, the MRT Pin Guard features a more durable and versatile multi pin sight housing which is guaranteed to protect your pins on even the most rugged hunts.  The MRT Pin Guard is available with Small and Large multi ring options, and soon a 7 pin configuration will be made available.

Another great upgrade for 2017 is the yardage pointer available on the Fast Eddie and Fast Eddie XL sights.  Previous Fast Eddie sight models featured a single sight pointer like the one found on the Hogg Father and Tommy Hogg.  Very precise, but not very easy to see in certain lighting conditions, especially early morning or late afternoon when hunting.  This year, the Fast Eddie and Fast Eddie XL feature a more robust, purple yardage pointer.  Best of all, Fast Eddie and Fast Eddie XL sights equipped with the Double Pin sights have a double yardage pointer so that you can quickly see the yardage of the second pin.  The double pin head was already a great feature for hunters who desire a single adjustable pin, but the addition of the double pointer is in my opinion the best offering from Spot Hogg for 2017. The Fast Eddie sights also feature a new and improved yardage dial with a better grip and more relief from the yardage pointer.  Both enhancements will improve this already well-designed sight.

Aside from the improvements made to Spot Hogg’s already existing products, Spot Hogg has also released a new sight called the Grinder MRT.  The Grinder MRT is the perfect sight for the mountain hunter who is constantly on the go.  Both extremely durable and rock solid, the Grinder MRT is also light. In fact, it is the lightest sight in the Spot Hogg line up.  But make no mistake, this sight is built to last, and no matter what you put it through, you can be certain you’ll be able to use this sight year after year without fear of failure.

Spot Hogg has once again showed that they are constantly seeking to find ways to improve their product line, and once again they have delivered in 2017.  To get more information on the new 2017 products, be sure to visit

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