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2017 ATA Show – Sitka Gear

Sitka Gear continues to deliver! For the second year in a row Sitka has unveiled a new camo pattern.  Built on the same scientific principles as its predecessors, Optifade Subalpine is the next step in the continued evolution that is the Optifade family of camo patterns.  In 2016, Elevated II focused on the attack from above, and now in 2017, Subalpine focuses on bringing superior concealment to those hunting from ground level in the forests across North America and beyond.

The developers at Sitka say “We don’t design all-purpose gear, because all-purpose gear really translates to design to compromise”.  Instead, Sitka aims to develop gear that maximize a hunter’s ability to stay concealed in specific terrains and environments.  Whether you are hunting in the mountains of Oregon, or the hills of Pennsylvania, Subalpine is certain to keep you hidden from even the wariest of game animals.

The flagship of the 2017 Optifade Subalpine lineup is the all new Ascent series.  The Ascent series is the lightest system that Sitka has ever produced.  It is made specifically for the mountain athlete and is designed to help keep you cool on those early September hunts when the temperatures are still high.  The Ascent series consists of a shirt and pant made from high performance wet print nylon fabrics engineered to increase comfort and performance.  The Ascent series also features a vest that helps to keep all your gear close at hand, whether it be a call, GPS, phone, or release, you can be sure the Ascent vest will keep you organized and ready when you need your gear the most.  A new innovative gator featuring a no buckle design will help keep you quiet when you make the final approach on your stalk for an animal of a lifetime. Gloves featuring conductive thread technology make operating your touch screen devices a breeze without having to take your gloves on and off.  Finally, any woman will tell you no outfit is truly complete without a hat to cap it off.  And Sitka has you covered with two options, a standard style billed cap and a sun hat designed to keep the sun off your face and neck.

Speaking of women, Sitka Gear has at long last released a line of women specific clothing.  It’s a known fact that men and women are built quite differently, and thinking that gear designed for a man’s body would suit the needs of a woman goes directly against the design principles that have made Sitka the best in the business.  Sitka didn’t simply put out a garment or two to get things started though, ladies can now find comfort whether they are hunting late season for whitetail or chasing elk across the ridgelines of the western mountain ranges.  With added features such as Ground Shield Technology to help with warmth in frigid temperatures, added hoods and Wind Stopper technology to fight off the elements, and zipper placements specific to fit the build of a woman’s body, both the Whitetail and Big Game lineups have great gear designed for women, by women.

Sitka has again pushed the boundaries of what is thought to be excellence in engineering.  For those of you who have used Sitka Gear in the past, you already know everything they make is certain to meet and exceed your expectations.  For those of you who have not yet given Sitka a try, I highly recommend you visit soon to treat yourself to a better hunting experience.

Last but not least, we were extremely excited to see a few boot manufacturers on board to begin offering footwear featuring Optifade camo patterns.  Both LaCrosse and Danner will have boots available this year for those of you looking to round out your Optifade experience with matching kicks.

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