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2017 ATA Show – HECS

Last year, the folks at HECS released their new High-Performance HECS Base Layer.  Though it was new last year, the suit did not become available until much later in the year, and so it did not get as much exposure as it would had it been available sooner. This year, HECS is continuing to push those new Base Layers, as well as the HECS Sock they released mid year year last year.  I have always been a fan of the concept of the HECS Suit, but the fit of the suit has always been something I wish was a little more tailored.  Since using the HECS Base Layer, I can say that concern is a concern no more.  Not only is the fit much better on my lean frame, but the materials used to construct the suit are much more comfortable.

While there are no new products for 2017, HECS has announced that they will be manufacturing their suit in some new sizes for the year. Kids will now be able to enjoy the benefits of the HECS Camo Suit as they will be available in kids sizes X-Small and XX-Small.  The base layers will be available in these sizes as well later in the year.  Like many other companies, HECS recognizes the important of getting our youth involved in the sport of hunting.

Beyond integrating HECS into new materials and creating new garments, I’m not really sure what they could do to make a better product.  I have been nothing but impressed since the first time I ever put the HECS suit on.  For those of you who have not yet given one a try, I strongly recommend you visit HECS at and order a set of the Base Layers or the original Camo Suit today.

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