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2017 ATA Show – Grim Reaper Broadheads

For 2017, Grim Reaper Broadheads has opted not to release any new broadheads.  Instead, they have refocused their efforts into improving and strengthening their already awesome mechanical broadhead lineup.

Starting with the blades; Grim Reaper has equipped their mechanical broadheads with a more durable blade that is also sharper than those found on previous years broadheads.  The extra durability these new blades provide are certain to provide the toughness hardcore hunters demand.  The blade retention system has also been supercharged and engineered to work more effectively.  Not only do to the blades open super quick and smooth, once they are open you can be certain they will remain open until you close them.

One of the great options of the new and improved blade retention system is that it allows archers to lock the blades open and shoot them as a fixed blade broadhead with pin point accuracy out of any bow or crossbow.

Additionally, in the past, the blades on Grim Reapers mechanical broadheads have been known to close back up after a passthrough on a game animal once the arrow began to rapidly slow down due to inertia and the arrow swiftly coming to a stop.  This has caused some users to question whether their broadheads blades had actually deployed or not. With the improvements to the new blade retention system, this has become an issue of the past.

Grim Reaper Broadheads is one of the few remaining broadhead only companies in the archery industry and is still owned and ran by its original inventor Jay Liechty.  Along with the help of an awesome team of broadhead experts, Grim Reaper has grown to offer over 40 different broadhead models including both fixed and mechanical broadheads.  Best of all, they are 100% designed and made in the USA.  Grim Reaper puts the utmost attention to designing quality broadheads that offer unmatched performance and their customer service is second to none.

Grim Reaper also wished to offer an apology to anyone who had difficulty obtaining Grim Reaper brand broadheads in 2016.  There were some unforeseen delays in getting parts and in getting the broadheads exactly as Grim Reaper Wanted them.  However, 2017 is a different story altogether.  The new and improved broadheads are already ready to ship.  Be sure to visit to order yours today!

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