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2017 ATA Show – Firenock

Over the years, many Firenock customers have complained that the fit of their Firenock lighted nocks to their bowstring was to snug.  As a result, Firenock set out to investigate any potential issues connected to these complaints.  What they found out was that there was a lack of standards for bowstrings on the market, and there were a lot of consistency issues with the string serving process.  To get around this issue, Firenock set out to develop a solution.  That solution came in the form of the AeroBowString Serving Jig (ABSSJ).

The ABSSJ certainly isn’t your normal every day serving jig.  Like all Firenock products, it is made to perform at a level superior to other products on the market.  In order to do that, Firenock had to first identify problems with other serving jigs.  One of the common flaws they found was that most serving jigs did not possess the ability to provide a constant amount of resistance on the serving spool.  Instead, the amount of pressure the jigs provided was variable, and created inconsistent end diameters once the bowstring was served.  ABSSJ uses a 9 element drag system similar to what is found in most high-performance fishing reels.  Crafted with five graphite-weaved drag washers and four titanium drag washers, the ABSSJ is able to provide a constant tension up to 400% higher than what most other serving jigs can provide.

The ABSSJ also features a detachable thread spool, so it can be removed at will, which makes it even more user-friendly.  ABSSJ users will also be pleased to know they can use many of the serving spools that are available on the market today, or if they wish, they can purchase the Firenock spool. The ABSSJ is extremely lightweight in construction, thanks to a 7075 Aluminum body, and is very simple to maneuver around when in use.  This is critical when serving a string, as efficiency is important in order to maximize productivity.  More importantly, efficiency is important when trying to maintain quality while putting out quantity

In addition to the ABSSJ, Firenock has again expanded on their ever-expanding lineup of titanium bolts.  The bolts are lighter, which reduces the weight of your bow, but best of all, the Titanium Bolt Kit completely changes the harmonics of your bow.  This helps to make your bow more efficient and to better transfer energy into the arrow, thereby increasing down range speed and energy.  The Titanium Bolt kit is available for more bows than ever, and I highly suggest you check them out.  A full list of available bow kits can be found here.  Keep an eye out, in the near future I will be publishing an article outlining the installation of the Titanium Bolt Kit on my Mathews Halon.

For more information on the AeroBowString Serving Jig and the many other great products made by Firenock, be sure visit

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