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Spot-Hogg Fast Eddie XL / Hooter Shooter Auto Draw

Spot-Hogg has long been known to produce top-notch archery equipment. Their archery sights are second to none in the industry and they are constantly striving to make their products better and more user-friendly. This year at the 2016 ATA show, SELFILMED got to take a look at the new Fast Eddie XL. The Fast Eddie XL takes some of the best features from the original Fast Eddie and the Hogg Father and crams them all together into what is arguably the best hunting sight Spot-Hogg has ever produced.

The Fast Eddie XL is built on a very similar platform to the Fast Eddie. Like it’s predecessor, the Fast Eddie XL features a silent yardage knob lock which can be used to lock the sight so it cannot be adjusted, but it also can be left in an unlocked position and shot without fear that your sight will move. The yardage knob is moderately tight to turn by design, but it is still smooth and easy to adjust. The Fast Eddie XL comes equipped with a 6 inch dovetail mount which allows archers to move their sight farther away from their bow, increasing accuracy and stability when shooting. The dovetail itself was machined specifically with strength and weight in mind. Where the dovetail on the Hogg Father is a solid piece, the dovetail on the Fast Eddie has holes machined into it to reduce the overall amount of material, thus making it lighter weight. There are two available pin options to choose from: single up pin scope or double pin.

The double pin sight scope was made available last year, however there were a lot of questions as to the exact use of the second pin since it is not adjustable. We got the chance to talk with Josh Johnson from Spot-Hogg who was kind enough to explain the reasoning behind the second pin. While only one of the pins on the double pin scope can be set up to work with the yardage knob, the second pin (usually the bottom pin) is available to assist in gap estimation in the event you have to quickly take a shot at an animal before you can adjust your pin to the exact yardage of your target. For example, let’s say you have your yardage knob dialed to 20 yards and you know that the second pin is dead on at 33 yards. Suddenly, the deer you were about to shoot at 20 yards catches some sound or movement and bolts a short distance. You have time to range the deer prior to shooting, but you don’t have time to adjust your sight. Now your buck is standing at 30 yards and you have to act fast. In the past, you would have simply held a few inches high without giving much thought to exactly how high you were aiming. But with the second pin, you now have the ability to do two things: 1. Provide a better estimation of how high/low to hold. 2. You potentially have a second pin to quickly use that may be closer to holding dead on your target. Ideally, you’d like to adjust that pin prior to losing an arrow, but we all know sometimes nature has a way of forcing us to improvise. When that happens, the two pin scope will likely make the difference in a bad shot and bragging rights back at camp.

Another great feature available to Spot-Hogg sights is the Triple Alignment Ring available in Orange and Yellow, and Yellow and Green. Standard single alignment rings are very helpful in making sure your sight house is centered in your peep. But depending on the lighting conditions and time of day, it can be difficult to tell if the sight house is truthfully centered in your peep. With the Triple Alignment Ring, you now have a dark ring surrounded by two rings of a lighter color. This provides great dynamic range and contrast making sight alignment within your peep a breeze no matter the shooting conditions.

Finally, for those of you who are familiar with Spot-Hogg’s Hooter Shooter, you are well aware of how simple it can be to tune a bow when human error is removed from the equation. Now, the Hooter Shooter is even better with Auto Draw technology. The Auto Draw features a push button draw mechanism that uses limit switches to determine the exact draw length and does not allow the bow to be drawn past that point and over torqued. More over, after the bow is drawn and fired, the Auto Draw automatically returns to the loading position. This reduces the amount of movement required and can greatly speed up your ability to quickly tune a bow.

For more information on the Fast Eddie XL and Hooter Shooter Auto Draw, be sure to visit Spot-Hogg at

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