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Spot-Hogg – FAST EDDIE

Spot-Hogg has once again introduced a new sight in their “Hogg Mobb” adjustable sight series. New for 2105, the FAST EDDIE is the latest addition to the Spot-Hogg family. Based off the previous TOMMY HOGG platform, the FAST EDDIE is approximately 20 percent lighter and provides a more simple to use design. The FAST EDDIE also comes standard with the new DOUBLE PIN scope, which was also debuted at the 2015 ATA Show.

The DOUBLE PIN scope utilizes BulletProof pin technology in a single pin design with dual fiber optic aiming points. A standard option on the new FAST EDDIE, it is one of many great features that make this sight a must have for 2015. The FAST EDDIE also features a rugged lightweight mount and retains the same 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments Spot-Hogg users have come to love. And while the ability to quickly adjust your yardage with the Yardage Knob is the same, you will find that the Yardage Knob on the FAST EDDIE no longer sports the laser engraved markings. Instead, the FAST EDDIE now displays an eye-pleasing graphic in its place.

One feature that is especially nice on the FAST EDDIE is the newly designed Quick Release lock for the Yardage Knob. Silent and simple, the Quick Release lock affords users the ability to quickly adjust their FAST EDDIE without fear that an animal in close proximity may hear them. The FAST EDDIE is a lightweight, super functional sight that is sure to help you find success in the field in 2015.

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