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2016 ATA Show – Favorite New Products

The 2016 ATA show has come and gone, and once again the SELFILMED crew had a great time checking out some of the new products to hit the market for the upcoming hunting season. Some years, the new releases are more jaw dropping than others, but there is always something neat to see. There are simply too many products to discuss in one article, but here are a few my personal favorites for 2016.

The product that I was the most intrigued by this year was the CIRRUS, Vape Wind Indicator. I don’t know many big game hunters that don’t carry some form of a wind indicator, and I also don’t know many big game hunters that are totally satisfied with the products they carry. Whether you use a powder-based indicator or you just crumble up some leaves while in your stand, you know that most of the indicators available to us today simply don’t give you the whole picture. The CIRRUS uses pure vapor as the agent to show you what the wind is doing. The vapor emitted from the CIRRUS hangs in the air and shows you even the slightest wind or thermal currents. Additionally, one huge benefit of the CIRRUS is that you get thousands of puffs, making it last much longer than a bottle of powder. The CIRRUS takes refill cartridges and has an easy to use USB charger so you don’t have to worry about running out in the middle of your hunt.

Another product, or line of products, that really caught my attention was the Celestron Elements. Most of us carry a light, hand warmers, and often times an external charger for our phone and/or other electronic device. Celestron Elements provides and multi-function 3-in-1 solution that can keep your hand warm, provide illumination, and charge your cell phone all at the same time. The ThermoTorch comes in 2 models, the ThermoTorch 10 and ThermoTorch 5. Both models are flash light bodies equipped with 3 mode LED’s rated at 300 lumens. The ThermoTorch 10 and 5 respectively come with a 10,000 mAh and 5,000 mAh battery capacity. Best of all, the ThermoTorch is heated and promises to keep your hands warm when you are blood trailing in the frigid winter months. Celestron also has another offering in the ThermoCharge 10 and ThermoCharge 6 which function as a 2-in-1 device featuring the same style power bang in 10,000 mAh and 6,000 mAh capacities. Last but not least, the FireCel provides a 3-in-1 solution featuring a 4 mode flashlight, 6000 mAh rechargeable battery, and hand warmer. The ability to combine devices in my hunting pack and reduce weight is a huge win, and the Celestron Elements will certainly find a place in my gear back this fall.

For those of you who have used Ozonics over the years, you will be excited to know that Ozonics has released a new HR 300 model which comes in a slightly more compact body and produces nearly 50 percent more ozone than the original models, not to mention an increased battery life. The standard battery on the new Ozonics has a run time of 5 hours, with the extended battery keeping you scent free for up to 10 hours. Best of all, the new Ozonics HR 300 is significantly quieter than the original models thanks to upgraded internal components. Ozonics has certainly made good use of the feedback provided by it’s customers and has really created an awesome new product sure to be a huge hit in 2016. Ozonics also released their new Kinetic Pack which is perfect for carrying your Ozonics and whitetail hunting gear. It is a great size to be used as a day pack and is constructed very well.

I already wrote a review on some of the new products from Sitka Gear which you can find HERE. However, I’m afraid I’m not much of a waterfowl hunter so I did not touch too much on the new waterfowl line. I wanted to take an opportunity to showcase one of the cool new packs available for 2016 and show off a few pictures of the new pattern Waterfowl Timber. The Timber Pack is a smaller pack than the Half Choke and Full Choke Packs previously produced. It is a great pack to carry your essential gear, and also features an integrated loop system to carry out your ducks after a successful hunt. The new Timber pattern is also a great looking pattern that promises you’ll stay hidden from the keen eyes of any fowl species in the flooded timber. The new Timber pattern by Sitka has been met with a lot of excitement and is definitely something you’ll want to check out when it hits the market.

One of the last booths we stopped by, and one I always have to check out, is the YETI booth. Call it an addiction, a bad habit, whatever you want, I find it nearly impossible to grab a new YETI “whatever” anytime it comes out. This year, YETI released a few new items in their Rambler series. The Rambler Bottle is the perfect solution for grabbing your warm or cold beverage of choice that you want, but not quite yet. The Rambler Bottle can be sealed off and has the same insulation power as all of the other drinkware items in the Rambler series and can keep you drinks cold or hot for hours. Earlier in the year, YETI also released the Rambler Lowball. While they aren’t exactly new for the ATA Show, they have been a hot selling item and tough to get your hands on. I finally got around to purchasing one, and thus far, I am pleasantly pleased with it’s ability to maintain a drinks temperature, be it hot or cold.  YETI also released a smaller version of their yeti Ice in a 1 pound version which is great for some of the smaller YETI model coolers.  The YETI Ice has been a huge hit since it came on the market, and I would be surprised if the smaller version does not find success as well.  Lastly YETI has released a few great new accessories for their different products, including a Straw Lid and a Slider Lid for the Rambler Tumblers.

As always, I was very excited to experience the ATA show, and sad to have it go by so quick. One thing is for sure, the fire that slowly burns out as the long hours on the stand make deer season sometimes seem a chore are always lit anew when I start thinking of putting so many cool new products to use when fall rolls back around.

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