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Sitka Gear – New Products for 2016

After the highly successful debut of Sitka Gear’s EVII pattern at the 2015 ATA Show, I assumed it would be tough for them to repeat the same “shock and awe” type of reaction in 2016. And while Sitka Gear did not reveal as many new items this year, there were plenty of great new products certain to create a little buzz.

The whitetail lineup remained largely unchanged, however there were a few new additions for 2016. Sitka built upon an already great line in the Fanatic Series with the Fanatic Vest and the Fanatic Lite Bib. The Fanatic Lite Bib was made to be worn with the Fanatic Lite Jacket or Fanatic Hoody. The Fanatic Lite Bib features a full length zipper and diagonal zip pockets on the thigh of both legs similar to the highly popular Grinder Pant. This pocket is designed so that when you are seated, the pocket opening faces up making it easy to access grunt calls, cell phones, or other gear. Additionally, the Fanatic Lite Bib features a seamless transition from the suspenders to the body of the bib using an integrated loop system.   This removes the need for the clunky buckles commonly found on most bibs.  The Fanatic Vest, like the Fanatic Jacket, features a diagonal zip and a large front hand pocket. The Fanatic Vest also has the Gore Windstopper built-in to help keep you warm when the temperatures start to drop. Both the Fanatic Vest and Fanatic Lite Bibs are sure to find a place in your hunting wardrobe this fall.

On the Big Game side of the fence, Sitka has revamped a few of their more popular items and introduced two entirely new jackets. Previously, the Mountain Pant and Timberline Pant were offered in even waist sizes only (Regular and Tall). Now, due to popular demand, the Mountain Pant and Timberline Pant will both be available in odd waist sizes as well. The new waist sizes are as follows: Regular (even 30-44 , odd 31-37), Tall (even 32-38, odd 33-37). In addition to the redesigned Timberline and Mountain Pant, Sitka has introduced the all-new Mountain Jacket and Vest, as well as the Timberline Jacket. Both of the new Mountain Tops, and the Timberline Jacket feature Gore Windstopper to aid in battling the harsh mountain elements.

Although the whitetail and big game hunters did not see major changes to their favorite product lines this year, waterfowl hunters hit the jackpot. Sitka Gear now has two patterns for their waterfowl series of clothing. Waterfowl Marsh is made for the waterfowl hunter who typically finds themselves in open marshes and fields, while the new for 2016 Waterfowl Timber was made to satisfy the waterfowl hunters looking for a pattern to better camouflage them in flooded timber. While I have never participated in any waterfowl hunting, I have grown accustomed to the quality of clothing produced by Sitka Gear and have no doubts that they did their research when designing the Waterfowl Timber pattern. Be sure to keep an eye out on Sitka Gear’s website for more information on their new waterfowl line.

Last but not least, and perhaps what I was most excited about this year, was the new additions in the Solids series of clothing from Sitka Gear. Over the last few years there has been quite a few requests for more color options in solids for the customer who does not hunt, and by those of us who simply want to rep our Sitka when we are out and about in public. For those of you who enjoy turkey hunting from a ground blind, you will be especially excited to know that Sitka now has a completely black Fanatic Hoody and Jetstream Jacket. Perfect for keeping you hidden from the keen eyes of that ever watchful longbeard while sitting in a blind. Across the board from hats, gloves, belts, and multiple sizes of a new waterproof duffel, Sitka Gear has put a lot of time and energy into creating accessories that help make you more successful in the field.

Like every year past, Sitka Gear continues to create top quality hunting gear. More importantly, Sitka Gear continues to listen to the needs and desires of their customers to make sure the products they produce are exactly what their customers want. If history is any indicator, 2016 won’t be the last year we see Sitka raise the bar in the hunting gear world. Be sure to visit for more detailed information on their many new products.

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