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TightSpot Quivers – Made in the USA!

I’ll be honest, I have always struggled with the idea of breaking the bank on a quiver.  Not to mention, I could never find one that I really liked. In my mind, it is simply a piece of equipment designed to hold arrows and transport broadheads to the treestand.  With the hundreds of different quivers on the market, there always seemed to be something that drove me crazy about them. Whether it be excessive noise, cheap construction, an overly large quiver mount, or you name it. For a piece of equipment that seemed in my mind to be so simple, I certainly struggled to find satisfaction with any prior quiver purchase I made.

At the recommendation of good friend, and SELFILMED Owner, Brett Bueltel I purchased my first TightSpot Quiver. I elected to go with the 5 arrow version (both a 5 and a 3 arrow version are currently available) as I typically carry a small game head with me in the fall.  I like to make sure I have enough “ammunition” with me in case I see multiple does, or miss…(which, unfortunately, would not be a first for me).

As soon as I received my new TightSpot quiver in the mail, I could immediately tell it was not like the other quivers I had used in the past. This quiver is rock solid! It weighs a mere 9.9 ounces, which is very light, but has a feel to it that makes it seem like it should weigh more than it does. The construction is top-notch, and everything fits together very snug.  I typically prefer to shoot with my quiver off of my bow, but the built-in adjustability of the quiver makes it very easy to fit it to my setup if I decide to shoot with my quiver on.  The quiver can be adjusted to slide higher or lower on the bow, be made to sit further away from the riser of your bow, or it can be adjusted to mount extremely tight to your riser.  You can also adjust the angle the quiver to cant the quiver hood forward towards your sight or back towards your string.  All of these adjustments allow you to more easily balance your bow, which helps to minimize torque.  Another great feature of this quiver is that the insert inside of the hood of the quiver is already pre-cut for broadheads.  This is a great solution to help keep your Grim Reaper broadheads sharp as you take put them in/out of your quiver. There is also nothing worse than fumbling around at last light trying to get your arrow back in the quiver while trying to keep the blades closed on quivers with solid foam hood inserts.

I love the fact that unlike many of the newer quiver designs on the market, TightSpot was able to provide a longer, more stable quiver, without adding unnecessary weight.  Arrows are typically pretty close to the length of most modern hunting bows (or longer), and I found that all too often shorter quiver designs cause the nocks to stick well below the bottom cam and limb of your bow. Often times, this results in getting mud and other debris stuck in you nocks or causing you to knock arrows out of your quiver as the ends catch on brush. Dirty nocks are a simple thing to clean out, but on the rare occasion I get a shot a deer or turkey while walking to or from my hunting spot, cleaning out my knocks is the last thing I want to worry about.

The next thing about TightSpot quivers, and quite honestly the most important thing to me, the bracket that mounts to your bow is extremely small and light weight!  As I previously mentioned, I usually only shoot with a quiver on my bow in rare circumstances (such as a rush shot while walking to or from my treestand), and I don’t like the big clunky brackets that many of the other quiver manufacturers use. Moreover, I don’t like the noise and effort required to attach/detach many of the removable quivers on the market. The single large lever on the TightSpot quiver makes it quick, and more importantly super quiet to remove and put the quiver back on the bow…all with one hand. Once your TightSpot quiver is on your bow, it is on, and I mean to tell you, it is solid. There is no vibration or movement whatsoever.

Another downfall of most quivers on the market is the lack of adjustability in the arrow gripper.  The TightSpot quiver has the ability to hold your arrows better than any other quiver on the market.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, there are two things.  First, every TightSpot quiver has their patented BullDog Gripper system.  This allows the user to individually adjustable each individual arrow grippers (Arrow Wedge) so that no matter what diameter arrow you shoot, you can get the perfect fit/tension on your arrow shaft. Secondly, every TightSpot quiver comes equipped with their Quick Draw system which keeps one arrow conveniently facing backwards towards you at all times for quick accessibility.

Finally, lets not forget the TightSpot’s Ironclad Guarantee.  Simply put, if your TightSpot quiver (original owner only) ever breaks, TightSpot will repair or replace it no questions asked!  Warranties like that are hard to find these days, and so are products that can match the quality TightSpot is known for.

Visit TightSpot to order yours today!

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