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Grim Reaper Broadheads = Wild Turkey Devastation

One of the largest debates among bowhunters today is broadheads. With a growing number of broadhead manufacturers in the outdoor industry always changing and adding products to better suit each individual hunting situation, it can be overwhelming choosing the best broadhead to suit your needs. With the spring turkey season behind us, I’m sure some of you are thinking of ways to improve your set up for next season, or maybe just thinking about trying something different.

After losing a turkey 3 years ago with my arrow still in him, I’ve spent the last 2 years shooting several different broadheads, focusing on what will be best for my set up on turkeys. After talking to the guys at Grim Reaper, they recommended that I try shooting their razor cut whitetail special expandable heads for a change. While they are referred to as their “whitetail special” heads, their expandable 3 blades with a true 2″ cut diameter are the most lethal to turkeys I have experienced. Like all of Grim Reapers heads, they fly like a field tips which was important for me as I prefer spotting and stalking where your shots will be slightly further in distance.

This year I was fortunate enough to stalk into a group fairly early in the season and get a 32 yard shot on a tom that was walking straight away from me feeding. After running another 30 yards with my arrow in him he piled up. After recovering and removing the arrow I could see the damage it had done and confirmed my hopes with this broadhead. The head had entered right above his right hip and angled through the body, cutting into the backside of the breasts. I was truly impressed at the penetration this head achieved on the tom, and I encourage everyone to pick up a pack of these heads and give them a try. They are devastating on turkeys and they are also a great head for use on whitetail, antelope, and similar sized game.

For your next big game adventure check out the entire line of Grim Reaper Broadheads at

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