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Carter Enterprises – 1st Choice


Carter Enterprises never fails to deliver at the ATA show. For 2015 Carter not only announced a new release, but they upgraded a few “oldies but goodies”. Carter has long been known for their quality design, but also for their diverse handle styles. No two people are made exactly the same, and with that in mind, it has been Carter’s mission to develop a release for everyone.

The Too Simple was a big hit in 2013, and while it has been a top seller, there is always room for changes even when there is not really room for improvement. Enter the newest release in the Carter lineup, the 1st Choice. Built with the same comfortable handle style as the Too Simple and the Simple 1, the 1st Choice features a neck that is a half-inch longer to match the neck of Carter’s standard target models. Still equipped with the set screw tension system, the 1st Choice is an excellent option for the archer who likes the feel and functionality of the Too Simple but prefers the longer neck of, say the Insatiable 3.

Another big hit by Carter this year was the new brass edition releases of their older, more popular models. These new brass edition releases are of course much heavier than previous models, providing better weight and stability, as well as inertia on the shot execution, all of which help improve overall accuracy. To find a full listing of all of the models now available in a brass edition, be sure to go to

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