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Carter Enterprise allows SELFILMED to test its “Honey”

Forrest Carter, of Carter Enterprise, shows off the new release aides for 2012.
Forrest Carter, of Carter Enterprise, explains the positive safety engagement of the new “Honey.”

Carter Enterprise has engineered the most effective and finest release aides in the archery market to date. Built on a 23 year foundation, Carter’s new releases for 2013 combine timeless features and advanced innovation.

The internal pieces in all the release aides are made out of 440 stainless steel and are machined on precision CNC machines, vibratory deburred, and anodized with premier metal finishers. Each release is hand assembled and tested before it leaves the Carter Enterprise premises.

Showcasing their “Honey” release aide at the 2013 ATA Show,

The new Honey is the sweet new release engineered by Carter Enterprise.
Honey is the sweet new back tension, with safety engagement/disengagement, engineered by Carter Enterprise.

Carter once again set the bar in the archery industry. Made for shooters don’t want to “punch themselves in the face,” Forrest Carter presented SELFILMED with the most accurate and safe, hinged back tension release ever made. “Honey” has a new “positive safety engagement and disengagement system”. This allows shooters to safely draw or let down their bow without the worry of a misfire. The new floating head and floating hinge design makes this release extremely adjustable. “Honey” also has adjustable ‘sear engagement’ that assures consistency and a universal fit. With its timeless features and new innovations the sweet “Honey” is sure to tighten any shooters groups.

For shooters looking for the best thumb-release on the market, check out Carter’s Too Simple. Its new and improved self-closing jaw allows shooters to lock onto a D-loop with

Too Simple has a super micro-adjustable set-screw that allows shooters to fine tune trigger tension, unlike any other trigger on available.
Too Simple has a super micro-adjustable set-screw that allows shooters to fine tune trigger tension, unlike any other trigger on available.

just a push of a button. The super micro-adjustable set-screw system allows users to precisely control their trigger tension. Its “double sear” trigger system provides shooters with the finest trigger travel adjustment system on the market. Stemming from the already successful Simple I, this release provides comfort for any archer.

Because all shooters are different, both physically and regarding skills they possess, it is important to understand that choosing the right release aide requires a little more planning than expected. To shoot a bow accurately, Carter believes that it begins with consistency. Meaning, that unless the shooter’s release grip and anchor point are the same for every shot, consistency will not be found and shooting accuracy will suffer.

Carter believes that the most important connection between a shooter and their bow is their release. Once again, Carter Enterprise has engineered these new releases a different shooter in mind. In 2013, with the new Too Simple and Honey, Carter maintains “Accuracy Defined through Design.”

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