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Lighted Nocks – a Small Accessory with a HUGE Impact

Over the past several years, many state wildlife management agencies have realized there are many benefits that lighted nocks provide to a hunter’s game retrieval success rate. Since they do not directly increase the hunter’s chances of successfully harvesting their quarry, they seem to be more frequently accepted by authorities over items such as bow-mounted rangefinders or lighted pins. Despite their legal acceptance in many states, many hunters miss out on the numerous benefits that come from using lighted nocks.

Shooting accurately is the majority of the battle when it comes to bow hunting. However, what you do after the shot can play a HUGE role in successfully retrieving the animal. Lighted nocks give you a better idea of your arrow’s point of impact (especially in low-light conditions), even with the fastest bows, giving you a plethora of knowledge as to the quality of the shot as well as how you should approach recovery.   Knowing if you made a further back shot than intended and giving the animal the proper time to expire can often mean the difference between finding your quarry or bumping/losing them for good.

In addition to easily seeing your arrow during the shot, lighted nocks can also increase your ability to find your arrow; especially if it isn’t a clean pass-through. Besides saving a shaft/broadhead that can cost upwards of $30, the arrow can often give you even more clues about the quality of the shot, thus improving your odds of a successful recovery.

While some nock manufacturers still rely on magnets or electrical connections that can fail, Firenock has designed one of the most ingenious methods I’ve seen on the market. Their proprietary method utilizes a directional g-force when the arrow is shot to illuminate the nock. Nothing extra to mount on your bow, no finagling the nock to get it slightly loose, and nothing to break. Just swap out your nocks and you are done. Aside from its simplicity, the next best thing about the Firenock is that once it is on, it stays on; regardless of whether it hits bone, limbs, the ground, etc… for up to 21 days.   And to turn it off? Simply drop nock-point down from about 6″-8” onto a semi-hard surface such as your boot, a rock, bark, or similar object.

With a battery life that good you would expect the nock to either be dimly lit or weigh a substantial amount for a massive battery. In broad daylight the 10,000 lux nock is visible for up to 120 yards or several hundred yards when it is pitch black outside. The main argument I hear against lighted nocks is the added weight to the back of the arrow negatively affects your front of center. While the jury is still out as to whether or not this substantially affects your accuracy, the Firenock weighs only adds about 15 grains to your arrow. I personally have not seen a change in accuracy versus traditional (non-lighted) nocks.

Should the battery need replacing, they are easily replaced in the field without tools. The water-resistant, corrosion-proof, epoxy-sealed circuit board can also be easily removed from the nock should you ever need to replace a worn or damaged nock. To further illustrate how bullet-proof these bad-boys are, they even offer a version designed for bow-fishing that can survive being submerged in over 65 feet deep saltwater for weeks! This is by far the toughest, most reliable lighted nock I have ever hunted with.

Don’t think that lighted nocks will only have a spot in your hunting quiver. They are equally useful at home, on the range, or in 3-D shoots. The main benefit comes from quickly telling your point of impact, especially when lobbing several arrows between retrieval. Firenock makes target nocks that can either intermittently blink or automatically turn off after several seconds in order to conserve the already long battery life, eliminate distraction when shooting multiple arrows, and remove an easy aim point for other competitors shooting with you.

Lighted nocks will undoubtedly give you a better shot at retrieving your animal than traditional nocks. So if you have not made the switch to a lighted nock, you are missing out.

If you are interested in learning more about the features of Firenock lighted nocks, or you’d like to order your own, visit

As always, please check your local regulations for legality before using lighted nocks for hunting purposes.

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