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Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg – Best of Both Worlds

Without a doubt, one of the hottest topics in archery is not only what sight you are using, but what sight configuration you are using. This is one of those things that in the end all comes down to personal preference and what style of hunting you are doing. Some people like multiple pins, anywhere from 3 to 7, while others prefer a single pin on a slider. I’m going to run through what I’ve found works best for me in my hunting, and also an additional tip or two on why my set up is the way it is.

This fall my main hunt is going to be mule deer above timberline Wyoming, and this is what my set up will look like:

  • Mathew’s Heli-m
  • Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg sight
  • QAD Hunter drop-away rest
  • Cabela’s ACComplice arrows by Easton
  • Grim Reaper Hybrid broadheads
  • Firenock lighted nocks
  • Carter Too Simple thumb release
  • Bee stinger stabilizer system with side/back bar

I’d like to explain my stabilizer system and a couple of key reasons as to why I use it. Back when I was looking for a new bow I was also on the “light as possible” wagon so I went with the Heli-m, which at the time was about the lightest bow you could get. However what I had gained in shaving ounces I had actually lost in the ability to hold good groups beyond 50 yards because I just wasn’t able to get steady and settled in with that light of a bow, especially when it was windy. So to combat that I added some productive weight with a 12” stabilizer out the front and a 6” stabilizer out the back with the Bee Stinger sidebar mount, which made a world of difference for me.  I know feel more solid and settled in when I’m at full draw, and my groups tightened up immediately. They both have little weights that screw on and off so you can fine tune it to feel nice and balanced at full draw. With the quick disconnects I can take the 12” off the front and replace it with the 6” from the side if I’m in a constricted space or don’t plan on shooting over 40 yards. Now, everyone is going to shoot a little different and you might be able to hold good groups without an elaborate stabilizer system at extended ranges but I can’t, and for my western spot and stalk hunting style hunting this set up is in the sweet spot for me. Now onto the sight.

I’m shooting a Spot Hogg “Tommy Hogg”
sliding 5 pin sight. I contemplated switching to a single pin slider but I personally couldn’t wrap my mind around only having the one pin, and here is the scenario I think of, that talks me out of it. —  You’re set up off of a little clearing with a big bull coming into your call… You range the trail he’s going to come out on at 43 yards so you set your dial and draw as he’s coming out… all of the sudden he jumps at something and runs out to what you know is 60 yards and stands there looking back your direction… so there you are at full draw with your pin set at a distance the bull is no longer at with no way to adjust without scaring the bull off… where if I had a 5 pin I could move to my 60 yard pin quickly and shoot the bull. —  Now I know a large number of people who shoot a single pin and love them, and they may work for you so try them out, I just haven’t been able to talk myself into one yet and my previous little fable is why. But I still really like the idea of being able to dial to the exact yardage I want to shoot. With the Tommy Hogg set up I can get both worlds, I can either leave it as a standard 5 pin or use it as a single pin slider. I set my 5 pins up pretty standard at 20,30,40,50 and 60, with my bottom 60 yard pin corresponding with my sliding dial. I feel this is the best set up for myself and the type of hunts that I do. When I have plenty of time and I know that animal isn’t nervous I can dial in a range, and if I feel things are going to happen quickly or change quickly I can leave my 5 pins in case I need to pick a different yardage. The sliding pin on my particular set up lets me shoot out to 100 yards during practice, or for a follow-up shot if needed.

Again in the end it all comes down to what fits you and your style of hunting. Spot Hogg offers a wide array of sights and pin configurations to accommodate every person and hunt, so drop over to their website and give them a look. All of us here at SELFILMED would be more than happy to answer any questions and give input on choosing your next set up.

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