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Benchmade Hunt – Nestucca Cleaver

The Nestucca Cleaver is definitely a unique looking knife.  Similar in design to an Inuit Ulu, the Nestucca was made to be a versatile, all-purpose knife.  The Nestucca is a true piece of art with its unconventional hatchet like design, satin blade and skillfully sculpted orange scales.  The true beauty of this knife lies in its ability to perform just about any task thrown its way.

The Nestucca Cleaver is 6.58 inches in overall length making it the second shortest fixed blade knife in the HUNT. series.  The Nestucca measures a mere .26 inches longer than the Hidden Canyon Hunter.  However, don’t be fooled by its compact size.  Thanks to the tremendously large radius of the blade, it sports an overall cutting edge of 4.41 inches.  The longest blade length of any knife in the HUNT. series lineup, and a full .24 inches longer than the blade of the very popular Saddle Mountain Skinner.  Longer cutting edge equals greater edge retention, and therefore a sharper knife when you need it most.  The Nestucca is 2.15 inches shorter in overall length compared to the Saddle Mountain Skinner, and has an extra .24 inches of cutting length. It is easy to see why the Nestucca Cleaver would fit the bill for the back-country hunter who is looking for a compact, all-around knife.

Unlike the traditional Inuit Ulu, the Nestucca features a finger cutout in the center of the blade allowing for better blade control.  Like all of the other knifes in the HUNT. series, the Nestucca sports a satin CPM-S30V blade.  Not only will this knife feel good in your hand, it will also retain one of the best cutting edges you could ever hope for.  You can read more about the benefits of CPM-S30V in one of our previous articles (here).  Additionally, the Nestucca Cleaver features bright orange G10 handle scales which are rugged, provide the knife with an excellent grip, and will help you keep track of it when you happen to lay it down in the field.  Last but not least, the Nestucca comes with a custom leather sheath which fits over its rounded blade like a glove.

Whether  you are skinning or gutting a deer, cutting kindling to start a fire, or preparing food in the kitchen, the Nestucca can be used for virtually any cutlery application.  There is nothing worse than your knife letting you down when you are miles from civilization.  Thanks to the superior quality of Benchmade HUNT. knives, you would be hard-pressed to find a knife of better value.

If the time has come to upgrade your hunting knife, look no further than the Nestucca Cleaver.  Coming in at a retail price of $145.00, you won’t find another knife that can beat it in performance for the price.  More likely than not, you’ll quickly find out that the Nestucca is the most useful piece of gear you were missing in your hunting pack from seasons past.

For more information on the Nestucca Cleaver and other knifes in the Benchmade HUNT. series of knives, click here to visit the official HUNT. page.

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