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Stic-N-Pic Trail Camera Mounting System – Mini Ground Mount Review

One of the biggest selling points of the Stic-N-Pic Trail Camera Mounting System is the versatility of their mounts.  Whether you choose one of their two ground based mounts (original or mini), or one of their three tree mounts (mini, screw in, or strap on), you are sure to find the perfect mount for your unique situation.

I’ve had the opportunity to play with all of Stic-N-Pic’s signature mounts this spring, and by far my favorite is the Mini Ground Mount.  It always seems like I find that one location to put a trail camera and sure enough there isn’t a tree within sight that is suitable or close enough to the target area to mount a trail camera.  Whether that be with the traditional camera strap, a bungee cord or cable lock.  For example, camera setups along field edges, fence rows, or even creek crossings.  Sure you could strap your camera up to a tree 10 yards off the field edge, or somehow rig up your camera across barbwire or brush along a fence row, but then you are competing with the small undergrowth growing on the edge of the field while drastically reducing the effective range of your trail camera or fighting to position the camera exactly where you want it facing. Being able to place your camera anywhere you want it will not only enhance your trail camera scouting, but will also allow you to hide your camera better from potential thieves.  No more big boxy cameras sitting on the side of a tree like a sore thumb.

The Mini Ground Mount is made of durable powder coated steel and collapses down for easy transportation into the field.  To use the Mini Ground Mount, simply step the spaded end of the mount into the ground (making sure the shaft is straight up and down) and you have yourself a “tree” in the perfect spot.  Attach your camera to the pivoting “flag” that is welded to the top of the shaft using either the included 1/4-20 x 5/8″ thumb screw (if your camera has a threaded tripod mount).  If your camera does not have a 1/4 x 20 threaded tripod mount, you can still use Stic-N-Pic’s mounts by utilizing one of their universal brackets.  There is a Camera Guide on their website here that may be useful to determine what hardware you’ll need to mount your camera.

After you have the camera attached to the flag, loosen up the thumbscrew on the coupler located on the spaded end of the mount, slide the portion of the shaft that is connected to your camera into the coupler and set to your desired height.  You can also rotate the shaft 360 degrees to face your camera the right direction.  Tighten down the thumbscrew on the coupler and you are set.  In addition to the 360 degree rotation and height adjustment, the flag is also adjustable using the thumbscrew on the side allowing you to tilt your camera up or down in relation to the shaft of the mount.  Having the ability to position your camera EXACTLY how you want it is what sets Stic-N-Pic apart.

If you are ever in the situation where you’d like to mount multiple cameras, in one location to capture movement in several directions at once, Stic-N-Pic’s Add-A-Cam bracket can be easily added to the Mini Ground Mount to mount 2 or more cameras in the same spot.

Best of all, the Mini Ground Mount is made right here in the USA.  It is lightweight, portable, and with a resistant powder coated finish it should last you a very long time in the field.  Retail price for the Mini Ground Mount is $29.99 and can be ordered directly from Stic-N-Pic’s website.  For more information on all of the great products available from Stic-N-Pic, stop by their website and take a look.  Make sure you let them know that SELFILMED sent you!

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