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Dave Smith Decoys – Production and 2016 NWTF Update

Dave Smith Decoys are widely regarded as the embodiment of perfection in a hunting decoy.  No other company comes even close to producing decoys that are as realistic, let alone as durable as those bearing the DSD name.  A reputation DSD is proud to have, but also a reputation that brings a huge demand for products.  Over the past few years, that demand has become so great it was nearly impossible for Dave Smith Decoys to keep up with.  As a result, wait times for many DSD products have increased, and availability has been limited.  As a business owner, this may not be the worst of problems, after all nobody should be upset that they make the most sought after product in their respective market.  But the guys at Dave Smith Decoys don’t only pride themselves on the quality of their decoys, they also strive to constantly supply their customers with product, and excellent customer service.

Not long ago, I had the chance to speak with Brad Cochran, Co-Owner of Dave Smith Decoys to talk about some changes at DSD.  The biggest and most exciting change, DSD recently moved their production efforts into a new facility.  That facility will be more efficient than the last, allowing DSD to better meet the demand of their customers while still  maintaining the supreme quality DSD is known for.  When asked what exactly this means for overall productivity, Brad said, “While we don’t anticipate that it will ever be ‘easy’ to get our product, we do anticipate better availability, shorter lead times and better quality in 2016.”

Considering the long lead times on some of their decoys, Brad was ecstatic to share this news.  I can honestly say, I have been fortunate in that I have never had to feel the sting of a long wait to get my shiny new DSD’s.  For others, especially those after goose or deer decoys, they have not been quite so lucky.  “There has been a lot of talk, especially from the goose and deer hunters, about how you have to wait for years to get DSDs”.  As Brad shared this little tidbit of information, you could tell that did not sit well with him.  He explained that Dave Smith Decoys currently has a wait list for their goose decoys that dates back nearly three years.  In fact, the list was closed entirely about a year ago, meaning that no new orders have been taken since that time.  Thankfully, their new facility is going to allow DSD to get caught up much quicker than they ever hoped.

I asked for a specific timeline in regards to goose decoy production this year, Brad went on to say, “We anticipate that we will be through our back orders by the early part of the summer, and should be taking new orders again at that time.”  For those of you who have been patiently waiting for your DSDs to land at your door step, get ready, Christmas will be coming a little early this year.  Similarly, the DSD Posturing Buck decoy has been a hot commodity, and one not easily obtained over the years.  The DSD Posturing Buck took the market by storm a few years back, and since that time it has been in a constant state of “Out of Stock”, due to it’s sheer awesomeness and ability to fool even the most cunning whitetail.  But fear not, Brad assured me that their deer decoys  were the first order of business once they wrap up turkey decoy production this spring.

Aside from the increased availability of DSD products over the next few months, goose hunters will be seeing some great new Goose designs later this summer.  Furthermore, Brad was quick to point out that the decoys produced in 2016 will be “BY FAR” the highest quality decoys DSD has ever manufactured.  When considering the increased competition in the decoy market today, this is more important than ever.  Way back in 1999, DSD started the hyper-realistic decoy movement.  Fast forward to 2016, there are many imitators, but DSD remains the best in the business.  A better understanding of the animals they seek to replicate, not to mention superior craftsmanship gives DSD a huge edge that promises continued top-notch decoys for years to come.  Best of all, DSD always has, and will produce their products in the USA.

Last but not least, for those of you who frequently attend the NWTF Convention, you likely noticed that the DSD booth was absent this past year, and some may have noticed that DSD was not on the Exhibitor’s list for 2016.  As expected, Brad chalked this up to priorities.  As much as they love to participate at the show every year, their customers come first and they feel an obligation to make sure they are taking care of the people who support them.  Brad was happy to share that DSD anticipates a return to the NWTF Convention in 2017 since the new facility is going to allow them to more adequately keep up with consumer demand.

For more information on the product offerings at Dave Smith Decoys, please visit their website at

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