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New HECS Base Layer and Accessories for 2016

If you have followed our blog for very long, you more than likely have come across one or two of the reviews we have done on the HECS Stealthscreen suits made by HECS LLC. The HECS Suit has been heavily debated over the years, and many question whether or not the suit does what it is advertised to do. But anyone who has worn the HECS Suit more than a few times can attest to it’s seemingly magical ability to provide an extra level of concealment from the animals they are hunting. I no longer doubt the benefits of wearing my HECS Suit, but I have had times where I wished the HECS Suit came in a more form-fitted garment similar to other commonly worn base layers. This year at the 2016 ATA Show, the HECS crew delivered in a big way with the new for 2016 HECS Base Layer.

The original HECS Suit works just as well as the new Base Layer. However, as the name suggests, the HECS Base Layer will definitely excel when being worn beneath other clothing, and especially when it is worn underneath other insulation layers. Over the years, I have mostly worn my HECS Suit beneath my outer wear, and in situations where I have on multiple layers of thermals, the slightly looser fitting HECS Suit has a tendency to bunch up and ride up your arms/legs. HECS recognized this and responded to their customer’s requests to have a more form-fitting garment.

The new HECS Base Layer is made up of 77% polyester, 15% conductive yard, and 8% Spandex. When you feel the Base Layer, it clearly has a stretchy feel to it like you would expect out of a base layer and the material is slightly heavier than the original suit. As a result, the Base layer not only provides the concealing capabilities we have come to love from the HECS Suit, but it also provides some ability to protect us from the cold as well. The new Base Layer also has some great features to make it more comfortable when being worn in any condition.

For starters HECS put a quarter zip on the base layer top to allow for the garment to comfortably fit over your head when putting it on. The zip also can come in handy when the temperatures are a little warmer and you need a little extra air-flow to keep you cool. Integrated thumb slits are also handy as it allows you to quickly put other layers of clothing on over top of the Base Layer without the sleeves bunching up.

In addition to the new HECS Base Layer, HECS also responded to requests for some additional accessories.   The HECS Glove has been upgraded and will now be offered exclusively in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country. The HECS Glove will also be offered in two sizes instead of the one size fits all design of the original HECS Glove. Finally, the all new HECS Socks are also set to hit the market soon.  The HECS Socks feature a conductive carbon grid like the HECS Suit and Base Layer, and will finally provide full “head to toe” coverage when worn in conjunction with the remainder of the HECS Stealthscreen lineup. Sizes for the new HECS Socks will be S-M (5.5 to 8) and L-XL (8.5 – 11).

Be sure to visit to check for availability on the HECS Suit and all of the new HECS products (currently expected around June 2016). And If you are not familiar with HECS technology, I would also invite you to read my most recent post here detailing some of the reasons why HECS has become a constant part of any clothing system I wear.

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